After 6 years living in San Francisco, our time has come to leave.

Travis and I often talked about how we would dread the day we would choose to leave San Francisco. We spent a lot of time during the last two years talking, dreaming, and imagining where our next chapter would unfold. When this past month came, the decision to move felt natural, giving us a sense of peace and fulfilling joy. Yes, we will miss our time living in San Francisco and will always dream to have stayed forever, but we knew this was the right decision.

I say “à bientôt” (translates as see you soon) and not “au revoir” to San Francisco as we have not gone too far. In fact, just fifteen minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge! I can still get to my favorite coffee shop in the Marina in less than 20 minutes, which means I will still be in the city frequently. We’ve planted our roots in Marin, and are incredibly excited to grow deeper in the community here. 

There’s this childhood excitement moving in me for a change of pace. We’ve spent almost our entire relationship in small spaces, and though it challenged us to be creative, we are excited for a bit more room. We are eager to grow vegetables in the garden. We are thrilled to no longer be working in our bedrooms. We are ready to begin a new chapter. Our cats, too, are excited for new territory to roam. 

Admittedly, with change there’s a bit of nervousness as to how our new life will look. I know with time this will all feel natural.  We are excited to ease into a community here, and explore our new neighborhood. 

With this new chapter beginning, I am also eager to share some new things to be found here on the blog. The first will be launching at the end of the month. With the new space, I will be sharing more pieces of life at home including something I have always had a huge passion for, cooking! Stay tuned for this soon.

Thank you to each and every one of you who sent me a note on Instagram while we were moving, I truly felt supported and really cheered up the dread of moving. So here’s to a new chapter and sharing it with you!

( P.S. as we explore more of Marin, if you have any favorite spots, feel free to drop a note as we are taking any and all suggestions!)

Xx Jessica


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