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It’s here! I’m so excited to share this year’s holiday gift guide. Looking at what everyone loved last year and some current requests, I’ve curated this gift guide specifically for the mindful traveler.

This year it’s all about thoughtful gifts that are designed to go the mile. Gifts that not only you’ll keep for a long time, but products that are designed with sustainability and have an impact. I’m talking about shoes made from recycled plastic water bottles or a wallet that supports sustainable fashion and gives back. 

It’s the kind of gifts that create memories, like a gift card to unplug at an Airbnb or hop on a flight to see a loved one. You’ll find three sections below. The first is called “The Mindful Things,” dedicated to gifts that are thoughtful, rooted in sustainability, and promote overall wellness. The second section is dedicated to “The Must-Haves” for your frequent flier, items that I use and have been a fan of. The third is “The Dream List,” those bigger ticket items like a camera or noise-canceling headphones.

So here’s a look at this year’s holiday gift guide. 

A Holiday Gift Guide for the Mindful Traveler

A Holiday Gift Guide for the Mindful Traveler

The Mindful Things

1. Velé Wallet — handcrafted leather wallet, this simple design is perfect for the traveler. I also love that this company donates 10% of purchases to fight human trafficking. 
2. Promptly Travel Journal — it’s easy to go fast in this world, so this journal here reminds us to slow down, capture the memories, and reflect.
3. Modern Market bag by PILLLOWPIA — something I always travel with is a reusable market bag. I love this one as it’s airy, packs well, and perfect for bringing along if you plan to do some shopping or even use it as your day bag!
4. Rothys Shoes — I’ve traveled with a pair of Rothys now for almost three years. I love the flats and shoes for comfort and ease of packing. Plus, it’s a shoe I can feel good about it as it’s made from recycled plastic water bottles. 
5. Larq Self-Cleaning Water Bottle — this reusable, self-cleaning water bottle is a total win. I love that by the press of a button, you can clean water. Plus limits the use of single-use plastic. 
6. Ursa Major Face Wipes — it’s always nice to travel with a few face wipes and these ones made from bamboo and are chemical-free.  
7. Eyemask — when it comes to a traveler’s self-care, sleep is always my number one priority. I’ve loved this one as it truly blacks out everything, packs small, and ensures a few hours of snooze on the plane. 
8. Daring Greatly Book — one of my favorite reads for being bold and courageous. It’s one of those books I pick up from time to time again to be reminded. 

A Holiday Gift Guide for the Mindful Traveler

The Must-Haves

1. GATTA Bag Chic Camera Bag — If your traveler loves photography, then this leather backpack is a great upgrade for travel. You can fit most DSLR’s in here and is incredibly comfortable to travel with.
2. ALOHA Waterproof bags — I have a few of these when I travel. I use it as a cosmetic bag, bags for wires, as well as when I have a day out on the water, I use it to protect electronics. 
3. Mophie iPhone Charging Case — perfect for keeping the phone charged all day. 
4. Priority Pass Airport Lounge Subscription — I use mine all the time when I travel. Access to hundreds of lounges around the world means a more peaceful way of traveling. 
5. Away Carry-On — my go-to carry on for travels. Packs well, rolls great, and super light. 
6. Southwest Giftcard — an easy win, and something I know I’d use for upcoming travel.  
7. Uber Giftcard — I use Uber all the time, both for travel at home and abroad. Great stocking gift for the year. 
8. Luggage Locator — every lose your luggage? This device tracks exactly where it is in the world. 

A Holiday Gift Guide for the Mindful Traveler


The Dream List

1. Lo & Sons Canvas Weekender — one of my favorite bags I have, this weekender is perfect packing up your stuff for a few nights. Plus, it’s easy to wash.
2. Sony RX 100 Pocket Camera — if you want the tech of a nice camera but not the size, this is my favorite, smaller than a passport, camera. 
3. Full-Size Away Suitcase — the best full-size suitcase around.
4. Sony A7RIV — for the photographer who wants a DSLR, this new model by Sony is it. 
5. Kindle White — perfect for place travel.
6. Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones — a must for the frequent flier, it truly cancels out all noise.
7. Airbnb Gift Card — if they love Airbnb, then this gift card is it.
8. Gift Card — for the hotel lovers. 

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A Holiday Gift Guide for the Mindful Traveler

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