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With lots of time at home, I’ve been spending my free hours dabbling in a few new hobbies. MasterClass has been one of them and I wanted to provide an honest review of their educational classes. One of the frequently asked questions: “is MasterClass worth it?”

MasterClass was marketed to me across multiple channels and I finally gave in when I saw the Kelly Wearstler design class.

Is MasterClass Worth it?

So since Travis already had an account, I upgraded it to give full access to both of us. We paid the full price for a one-year subscription to MasterClass. After that, I binge-watched the Kelly Wearstler design class in two days. Needless to say, I was hooked. But there are certain things I did wish I knew beforehand.

With that said, I’m going to give my honest insight into whether or not MasterClass is worth the price. This is NOT sponsored by MasterClass and truly a genuine take on the classes offered on MasterClass.

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A MasterClass Review and The Best Classes Offered

Is MasterClass Worth it? A Review and The Best Classes Offered

What is MasterClass?

It’s an online learning platform and tool broken out into smaller, digestible videos all led by field-experts. Heard of Gordon Ramsay? He teaches a class on how to cook at home. Love Thomas Keller of French Laundry, one of the top chefs in the world? He breaks down simple cooking techniques like never before. Into architecture? Well, Frank Gehry gives a wonderful insight into his process. This online education platform is unlike any other.

They’ve rounded up some of the most influential and best-known experts in multiple fields from photography to design to teach these online classes. It’s binge-worthy like Netflix and you’ll learn something or be inspired by a new craft.

Is MasterClass Worth it? A Review and The Best Classes Offered

How Much is MasterClass?

Here’s some insight into the pricing and structure of MasterClass. It is offered at a price point of $180 for the year for the unlimited access option. It gives unlimited access to all of their classes and new ones that are launched. This membership also gives access to their mobile and TV apps which is brilliant for on the go.

One other option is to buy a single class at $90 which gives you lifetime access to this single class. If you think you’ll watch more than one, then I’d opt to buy the full all-access membership.

There are frequent offers, currently I see a “buy one membership, share one free.” So these are great to watch out for.

What is included in the MasterClass All-Access Membership:
There are over 80+ classes taught by professionals in multiple fields from cooking to photography. Each of the classes run around 20 video lessons at an average of 10 minutes long each.

The classes also come with a workbook that you can download. One other key thing is there are forums in each class and can be interesting to communicate with our likeminded individuals.

What happens if you’re not satisfied?
30-day money-back guarantee. That is a confident return policy given you could try a few classes in 30 days.

Is MasterClass Worth it? A Review and The Best Classes Offered

The Experience on MasterClass

The one thing MasterClass absolutely nails is the experience. You feel like you’re watching a movie but meanwhile, you’ve just learned how to make an exquisite sauce from a 3 Michelin star chef. So bravo on that — the viewing experience alone is a selling point.

The UI (or user interface) is incredible as well. The sleek look makes it easy to navigate and the structure of the site is user-friendly. You can search by category of classes making it easy to determine what you want to watch by what it is you are interested in. One other search is via their “Quick Lists.”

You can discover “a creative thread that runs through different topics” and explore this way.

Is MasterClass worth it?

Yes, for the right interest. If you’re looking to improve certain crafts or gain inspiring insight into creative fields then you’ll love this. Let me explain more.

I recently watched the Kelly Wearstler, interior design class. It was brilliant in the sense that I learned more about how to pair colors in the home, rethink lighting, and gain insight into how she makes design decisions that were interesting in and of itself. I walked away with a better thought process around how I could approach interior design.

But did I walk away with the ability to start an interior design business? No. Did I walk away with inspiration and some new ideas around design? Yes.

It’s important to define that MasterClass is exactly that. An online class that helps improve certain crafts. Yes, some of the classes may be more technical like when Thomas Keller points out that certain spatulas are better than others for flipping a vegetable. But as a whole, it’s really formatted in a way to both inspire and improve skills (in my opinion).

MasterClass is great for those who need inspiration, want to hear the perspective from industry experts, and learn ways to hone their craft. The video production of all of the classes and the opportunity to hear from in-field experts may be the best part (in my opinion).

The quality of the video is miles beyond any other online “class” I’ve taken so I’m in for that and the opportunity to look at new crafts, gain more insight into my own passions, and to be honest — binge watch something other than the latest docuseries on Netflix.

Should you buy an individual or All-Access Pass?

There is a lot of value in the all-access pass. If you’re interested in two or more, then purchases the All-Access Pass for your Masterclass annual membership. If not, then a one class option may be more suitable.

Is MasterClass Worth it? A Review and The Best Classes Offered

The Best Classes Offered

There are so many classes offered on MasterClass. I wanted to break down a few that I’ve watched (and even Travis) as well as my short list.

Thomas Keller Teaches Cooking Techniques
Brilliant. To be honest, I’d sign up just for this class again. His insight given is wonderful. The detail is beyond what any of my “home-chef” skills have ever learned. Like an entire lesson on boiling asparagus! So so good.

Frank Gehry Teaches Design & Architecture
I’m about halfway through this one and have been adoring it. He talks a lot about his career and gives invaluable insight into the path he followed.

Kelly Wearstler Teaches Interior Design
I devoured this one. She herself is one of my favorites in the design industry so I found this one interesting. My favorite part was learning about the Proper Hotels she has done the design for. You get to see a lot of the behind the scenes of these projects.

Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography
What an icon. I’m about halfway through these classes as well and have loved the first segment. She sits in a room with students and provides such an interesting perspective on photography theory.

Other Classes On My Short List:


MasterClass is a wonderful tool for sparking inspiration and gaining valuable insight from experts. I’ve personally loved the experience and spending an hour or two each day doing so. Have you taken a class? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Is MasterClass Worth it?

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