Nestled along the Wilson River, a stay at the River Cabaan was a welcomed escape. Roughly an hour or so drive from Portland, we found ourselves winding in and out of the towering pine trees of Tillamook State Forest. Ducking down off the road, the secluded design retreat awaited.

It’s no secret that our travels are frequently fueled by design. There are those spaces that jump out at you. The kind where you stop your scroll and start looking up flights. The love and care put into the River Cabaan is something special, there’s an attention to detail that makes it a memorable home.

Mornings were spent slow. The light filtered in from the fog over the river into the grand living room, where piping hot brewed coffee was poured into mugs. It’s idyllic to start each day like this, it seems harder to do so at home. So when there’s a chance to get to spend a morning like this, it’s savored.

Tillamook Getaway: The River Cabaan

After a few days of unwinding, I wanted to share a few vignettes from our stay at the River Cabaan, a peek into the design here (it’s swoon-worthy). The home is a destination in of itself and well located to Oregon’s central coast. Whether you go to just unwind at this Airbnb or explore the nearby sights, it’s one of those stays you’ll remember.

Tillamook Getaway: The River Cabaan

Property Details

Booking: Airbnb
Rooms: 2 Bedrooms + 1 bath
Guests: 5 Guests
Rate: From $200 a night

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Tillamook Getaway: The River Cabaan

The Design at the River Cabaan

The Living Room

The River Cabaan is a two-bedroom and one bath home that feels light and airy. Grounded in design, the owners Karie (an interior designer) and Lee (an architect) brought this home back to life. The space is a bright and beautiful contrast to the often darker shades of the Pacific Northwest. With the floors washed in white paint and covered in layered rugs, it feels warm and a place you’ll want to cozy up in.

Inside the living room, a reclining lounge chair from the Minneapolis designer, Blu Dot sits in the corner. Across, a cane-sided CB2 day couch covered in Parachute linens gives the perfect view out into the forest. What struck me about this living room (besides being incredibly photogenic) was the effortless feel to it — refined and well-appointed.

The Kitchen & Dining

The River Cabaan comes set with everything you could need for a weekend trip. Favorite parts are certainly are the range of possibilities when it comes to coffee. From pour-over to French press, you won’t be limited. The cabinets are full of essentials like milk for your coffee or olive oil for cooking with. It’s one of the best-outfitted kitchens I have seen in a long time in an Airbnb.

Tillamook Getaway: The River Cabaan

Across from the kitchen area, the dining table is set against the large windows. The nook-like area is outfitted with a Floyd Detroit dining table and one of those wonderful Jeanneret cane chairs from France and Son. It’s the perfect space to start and end the day. During the warmer days, the patio comes set with a table as well. So if you’re up for an outdoor dining experience, there’s that lovely option too (plus the bbq is a hit).

The Bedrooms and Bath

The two guest rooms are wonderfully furnished. For the second bedroom, it’s set with bunk beds, which can easily fit both adults and children. For the master, it’s those Parachute linens that make the bed. There the same we have at our home, so it was a wonderful surprise during the stay. They’re cozy and fit well with the Floyd Detroit bed frame that sits against the back wall. I loved the bedroom, personally, it was one of those calming rooms with exactly what you needed.

For the bathroom, it’s a minimal design with a walk-in shower. But one highlight you won’t want to miss is the local beauty products from Wildcare for you to try on the counter. The SunRoot solar serum is incredible and such a beautiful tie to the local makers in the region.

Other Details in Photos

Left: A whole area set for a record player — the vinyl selection ranges from Drake to Carly Simon.
Right: Wonderful selection of books to peruse like “Everything I want to Eat” and room spray by P.F. Candle Co..

Left: Details around the fireplace, like plants and other sculptural art.
Right: A broader view of the corner with a seating chair.

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