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Thinking of planning your next international trip with a toddler in tow? This list has you covered. I asked 10 frequent family travelers to share just where you should take your toddler next. Traveling with a little one is no easy feat, but once in a destination, I’ve found it’s always worth it.

As you read through these answers, you’ll see there is a major running theme. Beach, easy access to outdoor activities, and relaxed accommodations for parents seem to be the hack. And when the answers came rolling in, there were a few destinations I had personally categorized as an “adult trip.” As a parent myself, this was so refreshing to see.

It is so inspiring to see all of these families take their littles with them. There is such joy to get to travel and show our children the world, and there’s no reason to wait until they’re older.

As part of the questions, I also asked these travel experts to share a few tips to help ease the experience. I know when I started planning our first big trip abroad with our infant, how overwhelming it all felt. So hopefully these tips will help encourage you to book that family trip.

The big question — where to next? I’m certainly pulling from this list for our next international trip with our toddler. A big thank you to each of these moms who shared their knowledge, insight, and beautiful photos with us!

Where to Travel Internationally With Your Toddler

1. Fiji as recommended by Lesley Murphy of @lesleyannemurphy

A favorite destination with a toddler:
I loved our family trip to Fiji in May of last year! Both my parents and my husband’s parents came, and Nora was 15 months old at the time. While I’m not sure any long-haul flight is “toddler-friendly,” Fiji is extremely toddler-friendly! We stayed on Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu at the InterContinental Hotel. I’ve never witnessed hotel staff who genuinely love on families so much and so well. There were many times when a few of the women would interact with Nora, pick her up, and deliver food to another table with her on their hip. She was always addressed by name, and it was so apparent that these staff members really enjoyed their job. I loved being a witness to it all because it’s not something I’ve seen very often in the many countries and properties I’ve visited all over the world. It’s obvious that family plays a big role in the lives of the Fijian people because it blends seamlessly into their work! Their kid’s club is also a beautiful facility with a playground, sandbox, climbing wall, and more. The nanny service is also incredible if you want to utilize a babysitter for any time of day, especially after-hours while dinner is served.

Travel tips with a toddler:
My number one tip for other family travelers would be to go in without any expectations. Traveling with littles is CHALLENGING, but we do it to see the world through their eyes! In the end, it’s so incredibly special so remember to slow down, take a breath, and *enjoy the ride*. 

Find their family travels at @lesleyannemurphy and https://theroadlestraveled.com/.

2. French Polynesia or Paris as recommended by Anna Karsten of @Anna.everywhere

A favorite destination with a toddler:
My personal favorite toddler-friendly international trip would be French Polynesia. I always had an impression that places like Moorea or Bora Bora are for honeymooners and we’ll stand out with two little kids in town, but I was wrong – there are plenty of kids everywhere. The flights are conveniently overnight from California, which made things easy since the kids just slept. There are plenty of activities for the kids, but even watching the sealife kept toddlers entertained for hours. There were easy-to-find local babysitters if we needed to do something the kids couldn’t participate in (like diving). Locals seemed to be loving little kids – they even took our younger son to play so we could finish eating in peace. I would definitely return.

If my older son was answering this question, the answer would have been Paris. While Paris isn’t particularly baby or toddler friendly because facilities are lacking and it’s a busy city after all, both my kids loved it and keep talking about returning to Paris soon. There was always a playground with a view, new foods to try, and plenty to see everywhere… from exhibits and museums (you can be surprised how fascinating the Louve can be even for little ones!) to castles nearby and landmarks.

Travel tips with a toddler:
My best tip for family travelers would be to just go and don’t pay attention if someone tells you that it’s not a good destination for toddlers. Everything can be toddler friendly if you want it to be and prepare the little one 🙂

Find their family travels at @Anna.everywhere and https://annaeverywhere.com/

3. The Balearic Islands as recommended by Lauren Wells of @Laurenswells

A favorite destination with a toddler:
Very hard to choose one trip, as each has been so memorable, but we are big on summers in Europe. The Balearic Islands are our favorite places to visit in the world, so I would put Majorca, Minorca, and Formentera on top of the list. Beautiful beaches, beautiful places to stay, incredible food and scenery, lovely people, and all are so family-friendly.

Travel tips with a toddler:
Whenever I am asked this, I always give the same answer. Just go! Your confidence in traveling as a family will grow with each trip, and you’ll realize how little “stuff” you actually need to pack. Diapers and a sense of humor remain the most important!

Find their family travels at @Laurenswells

4. Four Seasons Nevis & Disney World Florida as recommended by Filipa Jackson of @Filipajackson

A favorite destination with a toddler:
They told us travel would be over when we had kids, we chose not to listen. With 2 little ones under 3, we really took advantage of traveling before we had to pay for both of their airline seats (age 2). From luxury travel to budget-friendly options, we’ve done it all.

Four Seasons Nevis — This was one of our favorite resorts prior to having kids, and we were shocked that it was still our fave post-kids. It’s honestly a slice of heaven, with more monkeys than people it’s the escape from reality you need. There’s also so much to do for little ones. From countless pools, splash pads, kid clubs, and even kiddo amenities like cribs, diaper pails, activities, and the cutest little robes. Food is even free for kids under 5! Which is amazing, especially for a luxury resort. All the staff is so friendly and accommodating to whatever needs you or your little one may have.

Disney World — Who knew the best time to take your kids to Disney World would be under the age of 3!! Why? Because they are free! Yep, free entry, and free food at restaurants. On top of that, there is so much to do, from rides, which they can pretty much go on them all, to parades! Sure, it’s not the most relaxing of trips but it will be a memorable one. We stayed at the Marriott World Center, it isn’t a resort park, but it is more affordable and offers free shuttles to and from the park and perks for their Marriott Bonvoy members.

Travel tips with a toddler:
Here are some tips for Disney World: Get the Genie first thing in the morning before it sells out. It’s a little pricey but will allow you to do and see so much more! Also, if you’re bringing a stroller tie a balloon to it so you can find it amongst all the hundreds of other strollers in the stroller parking.

Find their family travels at @Filipajackson and https://www.playingwithapparel.com/

5. Bordeaux & Copenhagen as recommended by Andreia of @HeyAndieHey

A favorite destination with a toddler:
Both Copenhagen and Bordeaux were my favorites. Bordeaux is a lovely city, stroller-friendly, and it’s very easy to find changing table facilities in restaurants/coffee shops. Copenhagen with all the greenery/parks, canals, and colorful houses is a must if you’re traveling with kids.

Travel tips with a toddler:

  1. Adjust your expectations
  2. Book wisely
  3. Don’t overpack
  4. Get ready for security
  5. Get a travel-friendly stroller (in our case, we use the babyzen yoyo)

Find their family travels at @HeyAndieHey

6. Thailand, Mauritius, Hawaii, and Maldives as recommended by Madeline Lu of @Lumadeline

A favorite destination with a toddler:
When our kids were toddlers, we visited many beautiful beach resorts around the world. We loved the idea that the kids could just roam around free without worrying about the street traffic. We don’t have to do much walking around and can just hang out within the resorts. They can swim in the pool, hang around in the kids’ club or play with the sand and water on the beach. Then when they get tired, we could let them nap in the room while we relax by the pool or lie on the beach chairs nearby. Thailand, Mauritius, Hawaii, and Maldives were some of our favorite destinations. 

Travel tips with a toddler:
Try not to take long-haul flights when the kids were little. It is torture for the kids and the parents. There is so much to explore in the world. Go somewhere close to home and see and do as much as you can. When the kids get older, then go further. 

Find their family travels at @Lumadeline and http://www.madelinelu.com/

7. Mo’orea as recommended by Jess of @whereisbriggs

A favorite destination with a toddler:
We’ve had so many amazing trips we’ve taken with our toddler but one of the most unique and memorable was vacationing in Mo’orea in an overwater bungalow! Not only was the accommodation itself amazing, but we were also able to swim with wild rays and sharks (no tour needed) while there!

Travel tips with a toddler:
When traveling via plane with your toddler, if you’ve got a great on-the-go sleeper, then booking a red eye for long-haul flights can be ideal! If you’re nervous that your toddler won’t be able to sleep on the plane, I’d actually recommend traveling during the day. Sure they’ll be awake for most of the travel day, but it’s much better to handle an awake toddler than an overtired/can’t sleep toddler.

Find their family travels at @whereisbriggs and https://whereisbriggs.com/

8. Aruba as recommended by Tara Brose of @taramichellebrose

A favorite destination with a toddler:
One of our favorite destinations we’ve traveled to pre-baby as well as with our toddler, Nusa, is to Aruba! If you are looking for a truly relaxing getaway, it is such a great vacation spot. Aruba’s tagline is “One Happy Island” and it’s such an amazing destination to visit year-round with an average temperature of 82 degrees. Unlike most Caribbean islands, Aruba is situated outside the hurricane belt so it sees very little rain year-round and you can almost guarantee sunshine whenever you go. We spent most of our time enjoying the crystal clear waters of Aruba with Nusa and swimming as much as possible because the water is so calm, clear, and warm—  it’s perfect for toddlers to enjoy. We always talk about how Nusa got the most comfortable swimming in the ocean in Aruba, and it really helped to increase her confidence in the water!

The downtown area of Aruba is super cute and historic, brightly colored, and a fun place to wander around as a family with lots of shopping and restaurants to explore. It is quite small, so it isn’t overwhelming and doesn’t take all day to enjoy. 

One of our favorite outings with Nusa was to the Butterfly Farm. She was about 19 months old when we went and we weren’t sure if she would enjoy the tour, but we were shocked at how family-friendly it was. Nusa still talks about the fact that butterflies eat smashed bananas because she could feed one on her tiny little finger and it was the cutest thing! There’s also a cafe at the farm, and after the tour, we stayed to enjoy some snacks and a smoothie to cool down (it’s important to note that Aruba is very hot + humid)!

If you want to dine out, make sure to book a reservation in advance. Because the island is so small, reservations fill up quickly for more popular restaurants, such as Flying Fishbone, where you can enjoy dinner + sunset with your feet in the sand.

Aruba is really accessible for the majority of the US— with many daily flight options. We couldn’t recommend it more highly for a relaxing family vacation!

Travel tips with a toddler:
We would recommend staying on a 7-mile beach- we love both the Ritz Carlton and the Aruba Marriott. The Renaissance Hotel is also famous for its iconic pink flamingos— we’ll have to check them out next time! 

Find their family travels at @taramichellebrose and https://www.theleaguecollective.com/

9. Maldives as recommended by Rhiannon Taylor of @inbedwithme

A favorite destination with a toddler:
We recently went to the Maldives and found it to be the perfect trip with a toddler. We chose to stay at Patina Maldives and the island had a wonderful selection of things for the whole family. Enclosed, shallow lagoon waters were perfect for ocean swims, or alternatively, you could splash in one of the multiple pools around the island.

There’s a Montessori-inspired kids club with an abundance of things to do, and all kids (once they reach a certain age and swimming ability) are given a free scuba diving lesson. There’s so much nature to explore, art installations dotted around the island to explore, endless restaurants, and a free ice cream truck that makes a daily appearance at midday. It was the ultimate spot to relax whilst still offering adventure and the opportunity to connect as a family. 

Find their family travels at @inbedwithme and https://www.rhiannontaylor.com/

10. Banff and Grenada as recommended by Jade Broadus of @vagabond3

A favorite destination with a toddler:
It’s a tie between Banff and Grenada (snow & sea!). Banff we played in the snow for the first time and there were tons of snowshoe hikes, sledding, s’mores, plus childcare at the slopes so if we wanted to ski just the adults we could without worrying about our daughter. In Grenada, she took her first steps holding my hand while walking into the ocean! The waters were calm so we brought a float for her and spent all day playing in the sand and floating in waist-deep water. We rented a house with a pool so even if we didn’t want to go to the nearby beach we could enjoy the water. We took her to cocoa tastings and on waterfall hikes. 

Travel tips with a toddler:
Start asap — even before you “feel ready”. The sooner you go the sooner you and your toddler learn how to travel with each other. If you’re worried about your first international trip with a toddler, perhaps ask a grandparent to travel with you for an extra set of hands and the opportunity for a trusted babysitter so you can have a night or two out too. Otherwise, a car seat backpack is our best friend for keeping our hands free during check-ins. 

While I know there are dozens of benefits to traveling with kids, the biggest reason I advocate traveling with our kids is to keep the adventure alive inside us — the parents. I feel renewed and inspired while traveling and know that keeping up with my passions makes me a better mom and partner. 

Find their family travels at @vagabond3 and https://vagabond3.com/

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The Best International Places to Travel with Toddlers

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