With the right amount of space and the lightweight aspects of Lo & Sons’s design, the O.G. overnight bag quickly became my go-to carry-on bag.

Picking the right carry-on bag, for myself, has always been a challenge of finding the balance between function and design. By function, I look for dividers to organize my travel accessories. For design, I look for a bag that is sleek, stylish, and isn’t your typical airplane bag. The O.G. overnight is exactly both.

Lo & Sons won me over, around three years ago when I got my first crossbody named the Pearl. Now a household staple, Lo & Sons has kept me prepared for travels across the world. The company has a very sweet, family story of how the brand came about. Helen Lo (mom) was looking for the right bag for her travels, one that was easy to carry, organized, and not overpriced. Out of this, her two sons took her vision to production, and thus we have Lo & Sons. A brand dedicated to helping travelers to be prepared for their journeys, to travel light, and have durable, stylish bags.

So why is the O.G. the ultimate in design and function for an overnight bag?

Here are the four factors that won me over

  • First and foremost, the back sleeve. This little sleeve allows you to put it right onto your suitcase, so no more carrying a heavy bag through the airport and hurting your back.
  • Pockets — like you’ve never seen before. Both inside and out, these dividing pockets have allowed me to be organized. In the front, I am able to fit my accessories I reach to most, like phone and passport. Inside the big pocket, there are sections for computer, papers, make-up bag, and a change of clothes.
  • The shoe pocket! One of my favorite little secret spots in the O.G. is the shoe compartment. On the side of the bag you can slide in a pair of flats or heels to change into.
  • A padded compartment that fits a 13-inch laptop.

Getting prepared for a trip, I always lay out every thing I will pack into my airplane bag. Here’s a list of everything I was able to fit into my O.G.:

  • Passport & wallet
  • One book, notebook, & pen
  • Sweater & change of shoes
  • Laptop & charger
  • Beauty bag with all essentials
  • Reading glasses

After trying multiple carry-on’s, I now can travel with confidence that I have a bag that suits everything I look for in design and function. A bag that is durable, well-made, and functional.

Checkout Lo & Sons’ full line of bags here. 

*Thank you for Lo & Sons for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are own.

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