As the months have past, each destination has challenged me in a new way. Lately while exploring new cities I’ve found myself looking for glimpses of home — whether it be in familiar spaces or rituals like coffee — to brings a sense of comfort to the present. In one breath I adore that I can be in Canada, but at the same time feel like I’m at a friend’s house or in a familiar neighborhood.

With each passing moment in Vancouver, I felt like I found home. It was no surprise that after the trip, I said the very words “it’s a city I could move to.” 

I found home….

When it was 8:00 am on my third morning in Vancouver and I stepped into Timbertrain Coffee and the barista asked me how my day was going. The friendly smile and strong brew made me feel like I had walked into my own neighborhood coffee shop.

When I sat down to lunch in Bestie. It reminded me of two weeks ago, in Germany where I had my first currywurst. I never thought I’d get to try it again, yet here in Vancouver in a funky-fresh space, there it was. It was familiar, and with each bite I was reminded of the fond journey a few weeks back. (P.S. Bestie’s were better.)

When I walked through Gastown. The energy was enticing — bars with live music and cafes with open-air dining. At the Pourhouse I sat down to the bar and listened to the bartender extol his love for the city. He had no idea I was already sold on Vancouver, but listening to him share his love for the city made me fall even harder. I could have spent all night listening to the stories, feeling like I was with a new group of friends.

When I saw the city from above, aboard a seaplane, it was ever-clear how much the city is married with nature. As we made our way over Vancouver Harbour, I peered down to find three bald eagles soaring below us. Just summers before I had seen one, and to be able to be in the sky with them almost brought tears to my eyes. It felt like home, being in a city where nature was at my fingertips.

When I tasted the local beer at 33 Acres Brewing Company. As I traversed through the neighborhood, and stepped inside the bright space, I knew. I knew it was a place to let down my guard, jump into the community and sip on some well-crafted beers. It was an afternoon well spent with a family who has shared their space and passion with Vancouver.

It was home all at once, Vancouver. 


For more information on what to do in Vancouver, be sure to head to Tourism Vancouver.

*Bon Traveler was welcomed as a guest of Tourism Vancouver. As always, all opinions are own. 

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