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One of my favorite parts of traveling abroad is the opportunity bits and pieces of a foreign language. Learning to say ‘thank you’ in 50 languages is certainly no easy task, but there are a few you can pick up for your next trip abroad.

When Travis and I travel, we try to pick up a few words for the country we’re in. I know it always goes a long way.

So, with the month of November here, the month of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share a fun post. Take a peek and learn to say ‘thank you’ in 50 languages!

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Learn to Say ‘Thank You’ in 50 Languages

Learn to Say 'Thank You' in 50 Languages

1. Afrikaans: dankie

2. Albanian: faleminderit

3. Arabic: shukran (shoe-kran)

4. Armenian: Շնորհակալություն / chnorakaloutioun

5. Bosnian: hvala (HVAH-lah)

6. Bulgarian: благодаря / blagodaria

7. Catalan: gràcies (GRAH-syuhs)

8. Cantonese: M̀h’gōi

Learn to Say 'Thank You' in 50 Languages

9. Czech: děkuji (Dyekooyih)

10. Chinese: xiexie (shye-shye)

11. Croatian: hvala (HVAH-lah)

12. Danish: tak (tahg)

Learn to Say 'Thank You' in 50 Languages

13. Dutch: dank u (dahnk u)

Learn to Say 'Thank You' in 50 Languages

14. Estonian: tänan (TA-nahn)

Learn to Say 'Thank You' in 50 Languages

15. Finnish: kiitos (key-toss)

Learn to Say 'Thank You' in 50 Languages

16. French: merci (MEHR-see)

17. German: danke (dahn-kah)

Learn to Say 'Thank You' in 50 Languages

18. Greek: efharisto (ef-hah-rees-TOH)

19. Hawaiian: mahalo (ma-HA-lo)

20. Hebrew: .תודה  / todah (toh-DAH)

21. Hindi: dhanyavād / shukriya

Learn to Say 'Thank You' in 50 Languages

22. Hungarian: köszönöm (KØ-sø-nøm)

23. Icelandic: takk (tahk)

24. Indonesian: terima kasih (Tur-EE-mah KAH-see)

25. Italian: grazie (GRAHTS-yeh)

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26. Japanese: arigato (ah-ree-GAH-toh)

27. Korean: kamsahamnida (KAM-sah-ham-NEE-da)

28. Latvian: paldies (PUHL-dyehs)

29. Lebanese: choukrane

30. Lithuanian: ačiū (AH-choo)

31. Malay: terima kasih (TREE-muh KAH-seh)

32. Maltese: grazzi (GRUTS-ee)

33. Mongolian: Баярлалаа (bayarlalaa)

34. Norwegian: takk (tahk)

35. Polish: dziękuję (Jenkoo-yen)

Learn to Say 'Thank You' in 50 Languages

36. Portugese: obrigado (oh-bree-GAH-dooh)

37. Romanian: mulţumesc (mool-tzoo-MESK)

38. Russian: spasiba (spuh-SEE-buh)

39. Serbian: xвала / hvala (HVAH-lah)

40. Slovak: Ďakujem (JAH-koo-yehm)

Learn to Say 'Thank You' in 50 Languages

41. Slovenian: hvala (HVAA-lah)

42. Spanish: gracias (GRAH-syahs)

43. Swedish: tack

44. Tagalog: salamat (sa-LAH-mat)

45. Thai: kop khun (cap-coohn)

46. Turkish: teşekkür ederim (teh shek uer eh der eem)

47. Ukrainian: Дякую (DYAH-koo-yoo)

Learn to Say 'Thank You' in 50 Languages

48. Welsh: diolch (DEE-ol’ch)

49. Yiddish: a dank

50. Zulu: ngiyabonga

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