With the start of a new year, the excitement for what’s to come is undeniable. I came across Even this past month, and discovered their one-of-a-kind technology built into their headphones. Digging more into the brand and their values, I was amazed by their passion for celebrating the beauty in difference — something I want to kick off 2017 with.

Traditionally at the start of each year I set goals for ways I can improve and what could be done differently. This year, instead of focusing on what I can fix, I want to focus on how I can make the year even better. Focusing on standing up for what makes me different and how to do more of the things that empower me to do better is my mindset.

Even reminded me of what makes me unique. Through their incredible technology of creating Even Earphones that figure out how I hear music, each sound played through the headphones are tailored to me. Did you know that we each hear sound differently? Our complex ears listen to frequencies in an unique way that only each individual can hear. Even embraces our uniqueness, and gives us an opportunity for an elevated music experience. The “EarPrint” technology creates what is like a fingerprint for each ear (left and right), and then adjusts the frequencies of sound accordingly. I took the demo, and couldn’t believe the difference. I listen to music daily, both at home and on the road — it plays a big role in my life and I’m setting out to improve how I encounter it.

Inspired by the reminder to celebrate my individuality, what I wanted to focus on for 2017 became more distinct. Here’s how I am making this year even better:

+ Embracing my uniqueness.

I remember a mentor once told me that what makes my story different is that it’s told by me. Celebrating individuality and being bold in my uniqueness is a mindset I want to have more of 2017 — because different is beautiful.

+ Standing up for what is meaningful.

Challenging as this will be, putting a voice behind what I believe in is something I want more of out of this year. Even if it’s different, I know that standing behind what is meaningful is better.

+ Being open to experiences in every corner of the world.

What makes travel powerful is that there is something beautiful to be found in every corner of the world. Whether it’s my backyard or some remote town in Vietnam, there are always lessons to be learned. Being open is a reminder to seek out and celebrate those opportunities wherever my adventures might take me.

With these three mindsets, I am challenging myself to make the year even better. Setting out for my first trip next week, I’m going with a pair of Even H1 Headphones in hand. I’m excited to be listening differently, with sound tailored to me and focuses that celebrate the beautiful diversity in each and every one of us.

*Thank you to Even for partnering with me on this post. As always, these resolutions and opinions are my own.

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