Traveling with a full set of camera gear, my biggest challenge has been figuring out how to most easily bring it with me on the go. I try not to carry a “camera bag” as to not draw attention to being a visitor and love to have something more fashion-forward that blends in. That’s when the Lo & Sons Claremont Bag came in. 

Picking the best camera bag comes down to a few key rules: First and foremost, I need something that is sturdy and protects the camera. Second, I look for the right size, where I can easily fit a camera, an extra lens, and a few accessories — while still being small enough to carry all day. Finally, I wanted a bag that was well designed and would not stand out.

This past week I took the Claremont Bag on a trip to Costa Rica. The result? A bag that did it all. 

I’ve been traveling the world with Lo & Sons for over three years now. Starting with their crossbody purse, and then their overnight bag, I know with absolute confidence that the bags last and are well designed. The brand’s core philosophy is rooted in creating pieces that are not only stylish but are also perfected for the demanding needs of a traveler.

The Claremont became my go-to travel camera bag for a few reasons:

  • First, the Claremont fits my DSLR + an extra lens. The interior padding protects your camera gear and a sectional divider makes it easy to separately organize my accessories. (see site for camera fits)
  • Design + style was important, and you would have no idea it was a camera bag. I can arrive to a destination knowing I don’t draw attention to a bag of valuables. The leather bag is uber simple to get in and out of, so no need to unzip a big backpack. 
  • Finally, Lo & Sons seems to think of it all. They added two SD card pockets which I can declare truly keep memory cards safe as I left one in there for the day while climbing up mountains and romping around the beach. On the back of the bag they added a zip pocket, which works great for a passport or phone (or both).

In my Claremont bag, I was able to fit everything I needed for a day of exploring Costa Rica. Here’s a list of everything I was able to fit inside:

  • My Sony Alpha Camera and 35 mm lens attached
  • Extra zoom lens and lens cleaner
  • Extra phone charger
  • Passport, wallet, and phone
  • Chapstick and sunglasses

Traveling with the Claremont bag made it easy to bring my camera gear on the go. Their care in design and creating a bag that meets all the needs of a traveler and photographer was exactly what I was looking for.

Be sure to checkout Lo & Sons’ full line of bags here.

*Thank you for Lo & Sons for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are own. 


  1. That bag is beautiful! I’ve also been desperate to find a good camera bag that 1. Isn’t an obvious camera bag (so I can also wear out if needed be) and 2. That’s of a good quality and a brand I love. Thanks for introducing me to Lo & Sons!
    Eire |

  2. Rachel Gault Reply

    What a great bag! Love that it’s not super bulky and it’s actually stylish!

  3. I’ve been eyeing it for a while, but that strap seems so thin. Is it comfortable when carrying heavy gear inside. My film camera is very heavy.

    • Jessica Wright Reply

      The strap is very sturdy for my gear and I have friends who travel with it with their Canon/Nikon gear that is heavier than Sony and it works great. It is comfortable for walking around during the day with a body and 1-2 lens..

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