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The 12 Destinations in Europe I Love Photographing

It’s no secret that I love Europe. These 12 destinations in Europe I love photographing are the few I always crave to go back to. They are the kind of places I can’t help but keep my camera out the entire time, snapping away every detail and corner. Europe is a special place for me — growing up visiting France, some of my earliest memories of travel are in Europe. I remember collecting postcards, stamps, and trinkets to bring home and would remind me of my time visiting. So here they are, the 12 destinations in Europe I love photographing the most.

The 12 Destinations in Europe I Love Photographing

The 12 Destinations in Europe I Love Photographing1. Paris, France

Why I love photographing it: The sprawling boulevards, charming cafes, and sunset on the Seine are just a few of the reasons I love photographing Paris. You can easily spend hours wandering through the streets.

The 12 Destinations in Europe I Love Photographing2. Cinque Terre, Italy

Why I love photographing: With the sweet Mediterrenean air, there’s never been a place more relaxing to take photos. It’s incredibly photogenic with the bright umbrellas in Monterosso to views over the ocean. Plus there’s five towns, so you have plenty to choose from!

The 12 Destinations in Europe I Love Photographing3. Budapest, Hungary

Why I love photographing it: It feels old world. I almost feel transported in time and with a diverse architecture landscape, there’s a bit of everything. Be sure to capture sunrise from the Bastion!

The 12 Destinations in Europe I Love Photographing4. Island of Malta

Why I love photographing it: With typical European cities, cobblestone streets and all, then you have the blue waters off the coast. It feels romantic and the island always has so much energy.

The 12 Destinations in Europe I Love Photographing5. Santorini, Greece

Why I love photographing it: It’s hard to choose what there isn’t too love about Santorini. The steep cliffs, the mysterious waters of the Aegean Sea and those iconic white walkways are just a few to name.

The 12 Destinations in Europe I Love Photographing6. Lisbon, Portugal

Why I love photographing it: I always find myself lost in the details of Lisbon. It’s the tiles that come in a variety of patterns and colors, a visual feast for the eyes.

The 12 Destinations in Europe I Love Photographing7. Copenhagen, Denmark

Why I love photographing it: The design in Copenhagen is best found inside and I jump on any opportunity for a well-designed space. It’s the cafes, the museums, and design stores like FRAMA that close the deal.

The 12 Destinations in Europe I Love Photographing8. Annecy, France

Why I love photographing it: Nostalgic would be the word I could best choose for Annecy. The city is effortless with the turquoise waters of the lake, to the winding pathways of town. It feels like summer and photographs like summer too.

The 12 Destinations in Europe I Love Photographing9. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Why I love photographing it: They call it the valley of 72 waterfalls for a reason. It’s nature in it’s finest, with vistas, rolling green hills and plenty of Swiss locals like the free-roaming cows.

The 12 Destinations in Europe I Love Photographing10. Venice, Italy

Why I love photographing it: I actually find Venice the most challenging to photograph out of everywhere I’ve been. That’s why I love it so much, is the challenge of capturing the light just right on the canals.

The 12 Destinations in Europe I Love Photographing11. Brugge, Belgium

Why I love photographing it: Belgium as a ton of character and after being twice, I felt like you couldn’t take a bad photo. It has a storybook feeling and the canals set the scene perfectly.

The 12 Destinations in Europe I Love Photographing12. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why I love photographing it: Between the canals and florals, to the cafes and hotel design, Amsterdam has it all. You could easily spend a week here and fill up your camera roll with a range of photos.

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The 12 Destinations in Europe I Love Photographing

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