It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my camera gear and, after a few recent requests to talk about it, I wanted to share a bit more about the camera gear I actually travel with.

Over the years, I’ve switched between brands, and made my biggest jump from Nikon to Sony this past year. The decision to switch over to Sony came after hours of research and after testing out the camera, I was sold.

Many times, there’s a lot that doesn’t come with me. A lot of gear gets sold as a “must-have” on trips, but it’s often not necessarily practical. Thoughtfully selecting gear that support my style and preference in photography, allows me to travel with a relatively minimal amount of equipment. Only carrying lenses that I will actually shoot also saves me from having to lug a heavy backpack on a trip. Lastly, I’ve stuck to prime lenses, as I love the small form factor and crisp image quality.

I’ve narrowed down my set of camera gear to be light, convenient, and still get the job done.

Here’s the camera gear I actually travel with:

1. Sony a7ii

This is my body for my camera, and has been one of the best purchases in the past five years. With a mirrorless system, stabilization, and WiFi capabilities, it’s an easy camera to travel with. Not to mention it’s really light.

2. 35mm 2.8 prime lense

I love the look of the style of photography from this lens and how it creates a buttery-affect to the photos. I almost never take this lens off my camera, as it’s ideal for landscape and portraits.

3. Kit lens 28-70mm

I rarely put this on my camera, unless shooting hotel interiors. This is what I call my “oh-crap” backup lens. I always carry a backup in case something were to happen to my other lens.

4. 24mm 1.8 prime lense

I just purchased this one and it is rather similar to my 35 except that it goes down to F1.8 and can get more in the image. I’m excited to start using this.

5. Travel tripod

I almost never traveled with a tripod and after bringing it along the past few trips, I’ve become obsessed! It’s great for when you’re by yourself or in low light situations. This light tripod by Manfrotto is easy to toss in a suitcase and doesn’t take up too much room.

6. Cleaning kit

You’ll only make this mistake once — a speck in the lens and you cannot get it out. I always travel with a full kit (blower + screen cleaner) and never leave home without it.

7. Lo & Son’s Claremont Camera Bag

I’ve been traveling with this bag for a long time and love how it easily fits my camera and an extra lens in it. Check out this post here for more info on it.

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