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My final stop in Andalucia was in the bustling city of Córdoba. It is home to one of the most iconic buildings in the world — the Mezquita. A building that shows Spain’s past Islamic culture, this mosque-cathedral is reason enough to visit.

Things to Do and More in Córdoba, Spain

The city is much more than the Mezquita. Trendy restaurants stay hidden off of side streets, plazas seem to appear every few hundred yards and those lush, iconic courtyards cannot be missed.

Things to Do and More in Córdoba, Spain

Córdoba is an ode to the past and home to the future. You’ll find Spain’s roots preserved beautifully, providing an invitation to what was. And yet at the same time, an opportunity to taste and experience modern Andalucia through innovative restaurants. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Things to Do and More in Córdoba, Spain

Here’s a look at the top things to do in Córdoba Spain, what not to miss, and where to eat. 

Things to Do and More in Córdoba, Spain

Things to Do and More in Córdoba, Spain

Things to Know Before Visiting Còrdoba

Getting to Córdoba: With a major train station and a bus station, you can choose either bus or train to get here. From Madrid, the train is fastest and convenient. From cities like Granada, I’d consider booking a bus with Alsa instead.

Transportation in Córdoba: Once in the city, it is easily explored by foot. For longer distances, a local taxi is recommended.

Money in Córdoba: Credit cards are accepted and carrying Euros is also recommended. 

Time of year to visit Córdoba: I’d recommend off-seasons to avoid summer crowds and heat. Early to late fall and spring is wonderful.

Amount of time in Córdoba: I’d recommend two full days to explore the city.

Where to stay in Córdoba: I booked myself a local Airbnb in the heart of the city center and loved it (use this link for $30 off your first stay). I’d stay near the center as you’ll have the best access this way.  

For hotels in Córdoba, search here:

Things to Do in Córdoba:

Things to Do and More in Córdoba, Spain

Things to Do and More in Córdoba, Spain

Visit the Mezquita: The crown jewel of Cordóba. Spend an hour or so touring inside the insanely large mosque-cathedral. 850 double-arched walls are something you can’t miss here. If you’re looking for more history of the Mezquita, it is recommended to book a guide. 

Things to Do and More in Córdoba, Spain

Things to Do and More in Córdoba, Spain

Tour Los Patios de Córdoba: For a small fee, you can pay to enter into 5 patios, you’ll find signs for them everywhere. It’s something special to Cordóba and won’t find anywhere else in Spain. Every year there is a festival and competition as to which home as the prettiest patio. And yes, each plant has to be watered by hand!

Things to Do and More in Córdoba, Spain

Explore the old town: It’s a scenic city and you’ll find that you’ll have it all to yourself if you wake up early in the morning. I’d go for a walk, make your way down to the river, and work back up into the city. 

Things to Do and More in Córdoba, Spain

Grab modern tapas at Garum 2.1 Bistronómic Tapas: One of the best meals on my trip to Andalucia, I’d highly recommend either dinner or lunch here. The oxtail churros are out of this world, and all of their small plates delicious. It’s a place you’ll want to share a few dishes. 

Things to Do and More in Córdoba, Spain

Things to Do and More in Córdoba, Spain

Tour the Palacio de Viana: This 15th-century palace has the most beautiful patios and gardens in all of Cordóba. Only 5-euros to enter inside, you could spend an hour or two winding through, looking at the immaculate patios and lush gardens here. 

Try salmorejo and local cheese at La Tinaja: I tried out a few restaurants in town and this was my favorite for the salmorejo. It’s a cold soup (like a gazpacho), creamy, and so delicious. They top it with Jamon and some crackers as well. 

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Things to Do and More in Córdoba, Spain

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