Nicaragua has an enticing draw to it, pulling people of all the sorts to come for vacation. From the surfers looking for the best shore break to those wanting to dive into the colors of the colonial towns, each place in Nicaragua has a special atmosphere to it.

Loving each place for it’s own reason, there is much to choose from when heading to Nicaragua. Here are some of the main places to see in Nicaragua and what to love about them:

1. San Juan del Sur

What it’s about: People head here for a few reasons, typically to catch some of the best waves around. The beaches are booming with local surfers and those who flew around the world to get a taste of the Pacific Ocean. Being in San Juan del Sur also affords you the ability to go into town at night or during the day to dine and shop around. The small town has many shops and good food with local artists doing what they do best. 

What to try: Take a surf lesson + dive into tacos

Fun fact: San Juan del Sur has a sister city in Newton, Massachusetts.

2. Granada

What it’s about: This colonial time is booming with more colors then the rainbow, quite literally. With most of the action happening around the town square, this vibrant old-world town is filled with life. Many come here to experience the culture that defines the modern-day Nicaragua, like taking to the streets for dancing, tasty food carts, and leather shops.  

What to try: Take a cigar-rolling class + hunt for leather goods

Fun fact: The city was founded in 1524 and was arguably one of the first European-like cities on mainland America. 

3. Tola

What it’s about: I would like to think of this place as the great escape. Sure most people go to surf, but many go to just sit in the jungle hilltops and take in the views. The place to decompress, and just be. 

What to try: Yoga class + fresh ceviche 

Fun fact: During the rainy season, the jungle is a lush green and during the dry season, it goes to a forest-brown color. 


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