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Between the Sierra Madre mountains and the Pacific Ocean is a stretch of coastline called Troncones. It’s a picturesque, coastal town about an hour north of Zihuatanejo. And I have a feeling that this bohemian town will be the next undercover vacation spot in Mexico if it isn’t already.

I remember when I first started planning our family holiday to Troncones. Eventually, I would land on a beachfront vacation rental just past the small town of Troncones in an even smaller fishing village of La Majahua. With our 16-month-old daughter in tow, we took two flights down Mexico’s coastline for a chance to unplug as a family. Our vacation rental was “where the dirt road begins.”

The first time I had heard of this part of Mexico was when a friend spent a week at the chic Cangrejo y Toro, a collection of private casitas just north of Troncones. The videos of the Pacific Ocean crashing just footsteps beyond their private home and pool felt idyllic — it was something I hadn’t seen before unlike most of Mexico’s popular vacation spots.

That mental note I had made a few years back stuck, which is how I landed on planning our week-long family vacation to Troncones. As we started to descend into Mexico’s state of Guerrero, we flew by a small airstrip to which I thought to myself — “look a small, private airport!”

And as the plane took a sharp, seat-gripping 180-degree turn, I realized that was where our plane was landing.

Short on Time? Here Are My Top Picks for the Best Beachfront Hotels in Troncones:

  1. Present Moment Retreat, for the best yoga-focused hotel
  2. Casa Mexibali, for the best modern hotel
  3. Lo Sereno Casa de Playa, for the best design hotel
  4. Hacienda Eden, for the best relaxing hotel

Troncones, Mexico Travel Guide

troncones travel guide

What to Know About Visiting Troncones, Mexico

Expect the unexpected in Troncones. It’s a small town with around 500 local residents. It’s popular for surfing, has a laidback vibe, a handful of restaurants, and some seriously nice accommodations. But it’s a no-thrills kind of place. Some often refer to it as Tulum, like 30+ years ago.

The internet and power will cut out if a storm comes through. The closest “formal” grocery store is 40 minutes away and there is hardly any information on Google Maps for local businesses. The best way to find out if a place is open is to simply drive by.

What you will find is a slow-going, pleasant seaside escape. Unspoiled coastline, local restaurants that have a love for incorporating local ingredients, and a very welcoming community. For us, it was the kind of family vacation we hoped for.

How to Get to Troncones, Mexico?

Getting to Troncones, Mexico is quite easy. Fly into Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo International Airport (ZIH) which services direct flights year-round into LAX and other airports, with seasonal flights direct from San Francisco. The main airline is Alaska Airlines, or use Google Flights to find the best route for you.

On arrival, I would recommend booking a car rental. You’ll need a car to visit the surrounding area and it’s much easier to get around town this way.  Book your rental car and self-drive to your accommodations. I recommend paying for the extra insurance as part of your reservation to avoid any hiccups with Mexico’s mandatory policy for auto insurance. Discover Cars have some of the best options with full coverage policies available at checkout.

The Best Time of Year to Visit Troncones?

Peak season due to more moderately warm weather is December through February. The shoulder season is always a favorite from March to April as the crowds die down and the weather is still warm.

It’s good to know that May is burn season — the local mountain farms burn off their crops which can cause a lot of smoke to build up on the coast (it does blow out but you will smell it).

Now come May-September, these are the best surfing months in Troncones. But for the average swimmer, you may find it uncomfortable to swim in the ocean during this time.

Is Troncones safe?

The most popular of questions is whether or not it is safe. I can say in the town of Troncones itself, we felt very comfortable. We did not venture out at night (nothing is really open past 8 pm anyways). One night we even had to drive to Ixtapa at almost 9 pm for an urgent care visit, and we felt just fine doing this.

Currency, language, and other logistics

It is recommended to have cash (Mexican pesos) on you prior to arriving in Troncones itself as the local ATM often does not have cash in it. You can pull money out on arrival at the airport or in Ixtapa if need be.

For language, having some basic words in Spanish goes a long way here. I’ve found that no matter where I travel, I try to have some working common phrases as this is greatly helpful.

When we traveled to Troncones, we chose to purchase travel insurance from World Nomads.

Where to Stay in Troncones, Mexico

I’d opt to stay up the coast closer to the even smaller fishing village of La Majahua. The single dirt road is your only way in and out, making for a very quiet, slow-going time. You’ll find two options for accommodations here along the Troncones to La Majahua run — either small boutique hotels or private vacation rentals.

I did a lot of research before landing on our accommodations, so I’m giving the full scope of options here with my recommendations (it was hard to choose!):

1. N E R E A (Private Apartment Complex)

We landed on the small apartment complex of N E R E A which begins right at La Majahua. This is one of the most incredible vacation rentals, our 2-bedroom apartment was on the bottom floor, footsteps from the private beach and pool. We opted to hire the private chef Kenia, who cooked just down-to-earth food for us for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day.

When we first looked at N E R E A, there was a handful available for rent on places like VRBO. This top-floor apartment on VRBO was my second choice and I would have taken this if it weren’t for our toddler in tow. The gated apartment was serviced daily and the team was so helpful.

2. Punta Majahua (New Condo Complex)

Punta Majahua complex

Across from where we stayed was the new condominium complex that sits right out on the point. These new condos looked absolutely incredible with spectacular views. Some of the apartments have views up the coast, which is what I would book for a view. Here are a few options: Sofia Villa 6, Maria 6 Villa, Frida 7 Villa, and Ana 4 Villa.

3. Other Private Villas

The entire coastline of Troncones is lined with incredible villas for rent. You’ll have to dig around to find them but I’ve got a shortlist that I think would make for a wonderful vacation. Some of these villas are quite large, perfect for a group of friends or families to travel together:

4. Best Hotels in Troncones Area

Troncones Mexico Travel Guide
Hacienda Eden
With a handful of small hotels and bed & breakfasts, my top beachfront choices are:
  1. Present Moment Retreat, for a rustic, yoga-focused stay
  2. Casa Mexibali, for a modern clean stay, located in Majahua (can rent the whole villa or by suite)
  3. Lo Sereno Casa de Playa, for the best design stay (part of Design Hotels)
  4. Hacienda Eden, for a laidback vibe and a very charming experience

Where to Eat in Troncones

If I can give one tip on finding food in Troncones, it’s to ask someone what’s open that day. It’s a small community, everyone knows everyone. The restaurant hours are not always consistent so don’t be surprised if you show up and that day it’s closed. It’s also a small town, you can easily just drive by which is what we did most of the time to see if it was open.

1. El Pincho

This was our favorite spot located inside Hacienda Eden, right on the beach. They do sourdough wood-fired pizzas on the weekend, and an array of menu items for lunch and dinner too. We even came in for breakfast a handful of times, such a lovely spot.

2. Cafe Pacifico

Our second favorite spot for food was Cafe Pacifico — we came in for a few different meals and snacks throughout the week. Their burgers, tacos, smoothies, and housemade cinnamon rolls were all favorites.

3. Restaurant Johnny

A small seaside “stand” for fresh, local seafood. You’ll find locals posted up here with a beer at sunset, it has such a small community feel to it. Just an incredible location and welcoming restaurant.

4. Indigo

We came in twice for lunch and to pick up baked goods from their bakery. The food was wonderful and you can’t miss the little bakery that is attached to the restaurant.

5. Amor Tropical Cocktail Bar + Kitchen

Troncones Mexico Travel Guide

A good spot in La Majahua for a drink at sunset. It’s a wonderful spot to end the day, they occasionally have food but most of what was being served were cocktails.

6. Other restaurants

Things to Do in Troncones

1. Spend time at the beach

Troncones and La Majahua are beach destinations. It’s the place to unwind, unplug, and bring a good book for the afternoon. There are a handful of beaches to enjoy. Playa Majahua was the best of the long beaches for a walk in the early morning or late afternoon, swaying palms and a flat coastline were ideal.

troncones guide
Playa Manzanillo

My next favorite beach was Playa Manzanillo in front of Hacienda Eden where more calmer waves meant you could dip if you wanted to. The sand was powdery and the bay-like beach felt more secluded with less rocky outcroppings.

Troncones Beach and Saladita were the most popular for surfing and larger waves. But we found ourselves almost always at Manzanillo or Majahua.

2. Do a Turtle Release with Eco Tours

Since we had a turtle release opportunity with a resort we stayed with after our stay, I still wanted to recommend one nearby. We were pointed to Eco Ixzi Travel which runs a small, private turtle release program around 45 minutes north of Troncones. This local tour for baby sea turtles (bookable on Viator!) also came highly recommended and has good reviews.

3. Take a day trip to Ixtapa or Zihuatanejo

About a 45-minute drive or so are the very popular seaside cities of Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo. Built up with larger resorts like the Thompson Zihuatanejo where you can get day passes, this has more cosmopolitan experiences.

You’ll find shopping, historic districts, water activities, and more. There is a lot going on here, so if you’re feeling like you want more things to do, head to either city first.

4. Go Kayaking at La Boca Estuary

Local tour company Costa Nativa Ecotours runs small group kayaking trips up La Boca Estuary. This is a great experience if you’re looking to explore the local wildlife and landscape. While we didn’t do this with our toddler, other guests in our apartment did this experience and loved it. I’ll be adding it to my list of things to do when we return!

What to Pack for a Beach Vacation

I have my favorite things listed in my ultimate packing list for a Mexico beach vacation. A few quick favorites:

Looking to explore more of Mexico? Here are some helpful guides:

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