Morocco was a tough place to pack for as I knew going in that how I dressed mattered. Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country, and accordingly, women dress very conservatively. It doesn’t mean you need to be covered completely as well, but dressing conservatively will indeed minimize any “unwanted attention.”

During the trip there was a wide range of destinations from the coastal town of Essaouira, to the bustling city of Marrakech, to the small town of Chefchaouen and then the Sahara Desert. Throughout the trip I found myself wearing a few things on repeat like loose pants and blouses, and long dresses. After two weeks…

Here’s what to wear in Morocco as a female traveler:

1. Long and loose pants

Long pants were my best friend during the time in Morocco. Comfortable, great for long drives, and not too hot for the heat.

2. Maxi-skirts

This was a great alternative to the loose pants when I wanted to wear something more flowy.

3. Loose blouses

I often paired these with a skirt or chinos on the trip. My arms were covered but also not too hot.

4. Closed-toe shoes

The streets of Morocco can often be a bit grimy, so I liked to have my feet covered. A pair of espadrilles and a good sneaker came in handy.

5. Rubber flip-flops and sandals

Rubber flip flops were great for the “I don’t want to be barefoot” moments and perfect for the Sahara. I also packed a pair of leather sandals for walking around.

6. A good hat

The sun is uber strong in Morocco.

7. Flowy scarves

Light scarves were a must-have as they did well to cover my shoulders when entering mosques.

8. T-shirts and a long sleeve

I always pack one long sleeve, and it was perfect for the cold nights in the Sahara as well as the night on the train. I also brought basic t-shirts to pair with jeans or a skirt.

9. The jumpsuit

I wish I had brought one of these, and would definitely recommend a pant jumpsuit.

10. One-piece swimsuit

When the mid-day sun comes out, a dip in the pool is the best answer. I brought one swimsuit just for this.

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