Some of my fondest memories in Italy were found in Cinque Terre. Now finding where to eat in Cinque Terre by village was one of the more challenging components of the time. I was determined to explore Cinque Terre and get a taste of the local food — and at all costs, avoiding picture menus. Where to Eat in Cinque Terre by Village

The days were perfectly slow on the coastline of Italy. It’s incredibly dreamy, picturesque, and the waters are ever so refreshing. I think what I loved the most about the dining in Cinque Terre, was the abundance of fresh seafood paired perfectly with local ingredients, like fresh tomatoes and local cheese. Of course, those Aperol Spritz’s seemed to never run out.

Where to Eat in Cinque Terre by Village

Where to Eat in Cinque Terre by Village

So after a few testing a few restaurants, I wanted to share a personal guide on where to eat in Cinque Terre by village. If you’re looking for a guide to Cinque Terre, take a peak at this post, plus there are a ton of tips on how to beat the crowds!

Where to Eat in Cinque Terre by Village


  • A Pie’ de Ma’: There’s not a better location to grab sunset drinks and a quick bite.
  • Enoteca Dau Cila: A more friendly location for fresh pasta and seafood.
  • Il Pescato Cucinato: This was our afternoon snack almost every day. Fried local seafood tossed in salt and olive oil, served hot in a cone to go.
  • Ripa del Sole: If you’re looking for the local spot, the perfect bites and small plates are incredible here.


  • Trattoria dal Billy: This is the first restaurant I always recommend as it was our favorite one from the trip. We had the most incredible squid ink pasta and made the hike up the hill worth it.
  • Nessun Dorma: They have incredible bruschetta and one stunning view!



  • Il Pirun: It’s a lively spot and seems to always be busy. Stop in for a traditional meal.
  • Cantina de Mananan: What feels like eating inside a wine cellar, this old-world restaurant serves great seafood.


  • Lunch Box: If you’re looking for fresh juices and a panini to go, stop in here.
  • Al Castello: For a fancy dinner with a view, this restaurant inside a castle is the spot.

Monterosso al Mare

  • Ristorante Milky: This is a good spot for lunch with a variety of dishes.
  • San Martino: Another favorite for fresh seafood at lunchtime.
  • Osteria: Come here for the pasta with clams!


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