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When it comes to things you must do in Berlin, it’s hard to choose. The city is vibrant and sprawled out, making it interesting to discover new neighborhoods and hidden corners. Berlin is a city that often gets overlooked, but the truth is, this city is one of the best in Europe.

10 Things You Must Do in Berlin

It’s a city designed for those who love a blend of the arts and history. A blend of cosmopolitan restaurants with fine cuisine and a rowdy Biergarten with beers in hand. A city for those willing to seek a bit deeper and dive right into what makes it that much more special. Here are those 10 things you must do when visiting Berlin.

10 Things You Must Do in Berlin

10 Things You Must Do in Berlin

10 Things You Must Do in Berlin

1. Explore the museums.

If there is one thing Berlin is known for, it’s their museums. Endless options from the Pergamon to the Berlin Wall Memorial, there’s really something for everyone. I’d recommend getting the Berlin Museum pass which gives you access to most museums and attractions. 

10 Things You Must Do in Berlin

10 Things You Must Do in Berlin

2. Explore the coffee scene.

One thing that absolutely blew my mind was the incredible coffee houses in Berlin. For me, it was a highlight to start each day checking out a new cafe. Some of my favorites were Bonanza and the Distrikt.

10 Things You Must Do in Berlin

3. Brunch like the locals.

There was one recommendation that I received when visiting Berlin and that was to brunch like the locals. It’s a huge part of the food culture right now and they were right. I chose to do my one brunch at House of Small Wonders. Both photogenic and delicious, it was worth the 30 minutes wait. Be sure to have cash as well for here. 

10 Things You Must Do in Berlin

4. Check out the street art at East Side Gallery.

Of course, street art in Berlin is incredible and what better place to see it then the East Side Gallery. It’s a special spot where over 100 artists from around the world have placed their work on the Berlin Wall. You can head down to the water and walk along seeing each of the pieces. 

10 Things You Must Do in Berlin

5. Visit at least one Biergarten. 

A visit to Berlin is always complete when you go to a beer garden or Biergarten. My two favorites were Prater and Café am Neuen See. Both of these also have wonderful food and I’d recommend booking a table in advance if you plan to eat inside. 

10 Things You Must Do in Berlin

6. See the city by scooter.

Yes, electric scooters by Lime are the way to go! I loved buzzing around the city in dedicated bike lanes. It felt like an experience in itself and was a cheap way to get around. 

10 Things You Must Do in Berlin

7. See the city by boat.

With two rivers cutting through Berlin, one way you could choose to see the city is by boat. River cruises are offered along the river and offer a scenic tour of the city. 

8. Walk through the Tiergarten Park.

The green lung of Berlin, Tiergarten Park is the place to go when you need the outdoors. There are wonderful walking and biking paths, and little gems along the way to see.

10 Things You Must Do in Berlin

9. Go inside the Berlin Cathedral.

Located on Museum Island, the cathedral finished in 1905 is a stunning piece of architecture. For me, it’s a must-visit and an iconic part of Berlin’s history. 

10 Things You Must Do in Berlin

10. Tour the Reichstag Building.

Berlin’s historic edifice is open to the public to tour. The famous dome at the top is often the most visited as it is free (just need to register in advance) to visit and has incredible views. You can also do guided tours here if you like!

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10 Things You Must Do in Berlin

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