There’s no such thing as dreaming too big. As we dream up our bucket list, I wanted to share 19 countries to visit in 2019 to help inspire.

From destinations across the world, this list is just a sample of how many incredible places there are. Something I’ve found ourselves doing in travel is actually coming back to countries again. In last year’s post, I shared that countries are not something to cross off a list. Rather, they’re places you should fall in love with (hopefully) and want to return again.

19 Countries to Visit in 2019

Slow travel has been the theme for this past year. Instead of taking quick trips, we’ve been allotting our days off into one big bundle. What’s in store for 2019? For us, it will be the great outdoors. We’re returning to our favorite national park in the US and heading out to an island we’ve longed to visit for a while now.

So as you start your wish lists and goals for this year, take a look at these incredible countries to visit.

19 Countries to Visit in 2019

19 Countries to Visit in 2019

#1 Italy

There’s no doubt that Italy may have it all. From coastal escapes to rolling hills scented with olive trees, there’s certainly something for everyone. This year we fell in love with a new side of Italy — the Dolomites. A rugged landscape so vast that in diversity, you may think you’re somewhere new every thirty minutes drive.

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19 Countries to Visit in 2019

#2 Taiwan

Known as the heart of Asia, Taiwan is certainly a surprise. It’s not quite there with tourism yet and has a special “untouched” feeling in certain parts of the country. Taipei is bustling and then all of the sudden you can be in the middle of nature in Taroko Gorge. Taiwan is well worth a visit for those looking to escape somewhere new.

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19 Countries to Visit in 2019

#3 Wales

A country vibrant with a coastline and countryside unlike any other, Wales is one to visit. There’s no shortage of scenic drives and makes for a wonderful road trip destination.

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19 Countries to Visit in 2019

#4 Australia

It’s of those places that you’ll always have something for the next time. Australia has a ton on offer — whether you find yourself in the city of Melbourne or beach hopping down the sunshine coast. Come here to take your shoes off, get outside, and enjoy some incredible cuisine.

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19 Countries to Visit in 2019

#5 Croatia

There’s no surprise that Croatia is a hot spot. One of the best summer destinations in Europe, Croatia seems to be blameless. Crystal clear waters, islands with charming villages, and walled-cities that look down endless coastline.

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19 Countries to Visit in 2019

#6 Japan

One of those tried and true countries, Japan is forever a place I’d return to. A culture so contagious in its generosity, you wonder why can’t the rest of the world be like this? Their care for others, their preservation of arts, and a wild sense in cuisine makes it a delightful place to visit.

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19 Countries to Visit in 2019

#7 New Zealand

For us, New Zealand is at the top of our bucket list. Two islands with high peaks, rolling hills, and picturesque bays beckons for a road trip. We will be heading here this year for a few weeks of exploring and can’t wait.

19 Countries to Visit in 2019

#8 USA

I think 2019 is a year where maybe we don’t have to go to far to explore. In our backyard is some incredible destinations like Yosemite or Yellowstone National Park. From bustling cities to changing towns, the US is one to explore.

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19 Countries to Visit in 2019

#9 Spain

I may be biased after spending three months here this year, so I’ll cut to the chase. What’s not to love about Spain? Costa Brava’s glistening shores, Barcelona’s vibrant energy, and history so rich you can feel it everywhere. This is Spain and it’s one to put at the top of the list.

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19 Countries to Visit in 2019

#10 Mexico 

An affinity for design and cuisine, we saw the rise of Mexico City as one of the best destinations for the past few years. Tulum will always be a classic but did you know other places are on the rise? The wine valley of Guadalupe, the surf town of Puerto Escondido, and Oaxaca’s heritage are alive and ready to experienced.

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19 Countries to Visit in 2019

#11 Jordan 

Forever a place that has pulled on my heart, Jordan knows no boundaries. From the Dead Sea to Petra’s history, come here to be amazed by friendly people and charming culture.

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19 Countries to Visit in 2019

#12 Chile

Another high on my bucket list, Patagonia has seem to always call my name. Chile is one of those countries I definitely would love to visit. I hear Santiago is always nice year round!

19 Countries to Visit in 2019

#13 Slovenia

Slovenia has been somewhere I’ve had my eye on for a long time. Road trips that start in villages and bring you to green countrysides, untouched by waves of tourism. This is the Slovenia I can’t wait to explore.

19 Countries to Visit in 2019#14 Netherlands

Have you been? Amsterdam seems to have a new energy to it. Bustling streets and cafes sprinkled with incredible design, makes this city a must while in the Netherlands.

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19 Countries to Visit in 2019

#15 Canada

If you’re a US native, maybe a quick flight is all you need for a change in scenery. Take a look at Vancouver, Calgary, or Montreal for some incredible destinations in Canada.

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19 Countries to Visit in 2019

#16 Morocco

Another one of those places I just can’t seem to get out of my head. Head here if you’re looking for a spark in your life. Morocco is vibrant and one heck of an adventure.

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19 Countries to Visit in 2019

#17 Colombia

One of the first trips in 2019 for me is Colombia. I’ve seen it through the eyes of many travelers and can’t wait to see it for myself. The colorful city of Cartagena and the mountains around Medellin seem to be calling my name.

19 Countries to Visit in 2019

#18 Indonesia 

Bali — it’s where we think of when we say Indonesia and for good reason. The island is changing, some may say it’s getting to busy and others may see it as a door opening to new sides of the island to explore. Try the east, particularly Manggis — I imagine this is what Bali was like back in the day.

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#19 Denmark

If you feel like you’ve been to Europe a few times and “seen” it all, then try Denmark. Head straight for Copenhagen and get a dose of design and incredible cuisine.

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19 Countries to Visit in 2019


  1. Allison Wolf Reply

    Wow…I have some serious wanderlust now! I was planning on visiting Italy in 2019 but did not think about visiting the Dolomites. I think I’m going to have to work that into my itinerary!

  2. So much inspiration on here for us! Having been based in Italy for the last few summers we couldn’t agree more with your #1 – we’d still love to go back and explore more! But Japan, Denmark and Canada are really calling to us on this list!

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