With its proximity to nature and the sea, Helsinki is foodie’s paradise. These 20 best restaurants in Helsinki, Finland range from fine dining to vegetarian cafes. It shows just how much diversity in dining there is in Finland’s capital. 

20 Best Restaurants in Helsinki, Finland

Having been to Helsinki twice now, I’m also surprised by the combination of flavors in their food. From game meats paired with lingonberries to smoked fishes and root vegetables, there is a real harmony between Finland’s very own ingredients. In the city, there are more than enough restaurants to experience on a trip and a few that you’ll want to book in advance. So whether you’re in for the day on a cruise or coming through on a trip, you can’t go wrong with these restaurants in Helsinki. 

(Travel tip: Use Google’s best travel feature for saving places on Google Maps before you arrive. The stars will pop up and will easily show you where the restaurants are in relation to you.)

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20 Best Restaurants in Helsinki, Finland

20 Best Restaurants in Helsinki, Finland

1. Juuri
This is my tried and true when in Helsinki. I love the setting of the restaurant in the Design District, how intimate it is and the big windows that look out over the street. The menu here is small and refined, showcasing class ingredients served with a modern twist. 

2. Restaraunt Savotta 
For traditional Finnish cuisine, come straight here. I’d book in advance a seat by the window with a view of the cathedral around sunset. The food here is delicious — it’s everything from game meats to local fish, served in a traditional Finnish way. 

3. Gaijin
Chef Tomi Björck and Matti Wikberg take influences from Japan, Korea, and Northern China to create this amazing restaurant. Their tasting menu or a la carte here.

20 Best Restaurants in Helsinki, Finland

4. Restaurant Savoy
For a Finnish tasting menu, this upscale restaurant delivers on many levels. From beautiful plating to great service, I’d head here for fine dining with Finnish ingredients. 

20 Best Restaurants in Helsinki, Finland

5. The Cock
A class corner restaurant, I love the brasserie-style menu and their beef tartar is incredible. 

6. Wild
For locally foraged ingredients and classics, this nature-inspired restaurant is one of the top in the city at the moment. 

20 Best Restaurants in Helsinki, Finland

7. Ekberg Cafe
I couldn’t mention the oldest bakery in Finland on this list. For all things pastry and dessert, this is your spot.

8. Skiffer Liuskaluoto
Known for its thin crust pizza, this restaurant is one you take a 2-minute ferry to reach. Set on the water, it’s a stunning spot for a bite. 

9. Putte’s Bar and Pizza
Every once in a while you want a great pizza, so be sure to bookmark this post for your visit!

20 Best Restaurants in Helsinki, Finland

10. Yes Yes Yes
When in Helsinki, definitely eat once at this all-vegetarian restaurant. Their dips are amazing and I loved their zucchini dish. 

11. Grön
Iconic for its vegan tasting menu in addition to their meat menu, this restaurant is serving a wide variety of fine cuisine that showcases Nordic ingredients and Finnish food. 

12. Story at Old Market Hall
The Old Market Hall is home to many vendors and tradition in food, so what better place to grab a local bite than at restaurant Story inside.  

20 Best Restaurants in Helsinki, Finland

13. Herkku at Stockman
Yes, you eating inside Helsinki’s nicest grocery store is a thing! Head to the back, sit at the bar and order that day’s special. You can also grab a coffee at the coffee shop just inside as well afterwards. 

14. Baskeri & Basso Bistro
Open only Tuesday-Friday, this casual bistro is a local’s favorite for classic dishes and hearty food. 

20 Best Restaurants in Helsinki, Finland

15. Restaurant at Löyly
Right at one of the best saunas in town is the restaurant that sits out over the sea. I’ve read their salmon soup is one of the best around. 

20 Best Restaurants in Helsinki, Finland

16. Ravintola Werner
Head underground to this restaurant that creates an entire menu around their open flame grill. I loved their salmon here!

17. Muru
For a more relaxed atmosphere and homey dishes, the tasting menu here changes daily with the ingredients. 

18. Sapas at Juuri
From the Juuri family of restaurants, this is their take on tapas in Helsinki. 

20 Best Restaurants in Helsinki, Finland

19. Sushibar + Wine

For a casual lunch or upscale dinner for sushi, come here. (oh and their wine bar has some great choices!)

20. Vinkkeli
For a Nordic-focused menu, Vinkkeli prepares its food in an haute cuisine style, showcasing the region through its plates. 

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20 Best Restaurants in Helsinki, Finland

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