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No stranger to a hotel room, it’s a space I covet when done well. It’s no secret that there’s a few tips and tricks to learn from a hotel when it comes to designing your own space. I’ve been paying attention and started to pick out what makes a hotel room feel like a luxurious retreat.

I took a few notes from hotel groups like Aman Resorts and Four Seasons, as well as boutique hotels like Camellas-Lloret and well-executed Airbnb’s. What made their space stand out? Why did I feel like I was a world away in a room? Here’s what I found — it’s a culmination of all the little details. Yes, overall design matters, but it’s those small touches that count. All of it together creates an experience worth talking about. 

So can you bring the hotel experience back home? Absolutely. Here’s how. 

7 Tips to Make Your Home Feel Like a Hotel Stay

7 Tips to Make Your Home Feel Like a Hotel Stay

1. Scent.

It’s one of the first experiences that you emotionally connect with when you stay somewhere. How did it smell? This can be a good or a bad thing. It can be neutral or one of those scents that last a lifetime. Scent is so important in a home.

Have pets? Consider an air purifier. Love a more neutral scent? Use non-scented cleaning products. For me, I love a strong candle — one that someone connects my space with. I’ve always been a Le Labo and a Dyptique fan — I religiously use Santal 26 by Le Labo candles (spray version) throughout the home or Feu de Bois by Dyptique

7 Tips to Make Your Home Feel Like a Hotel Stay

2. Linens matter.

Why does a great hotel bed feel so great, besides the bed itself? Quality linens. It makes a world of difference. If it’s been a while, then it may be time to freshen up the linen closet. I love washed linen sets from Parachute for the room. The same goes for the bathroom (Parachute again for their towels). You touch them every single day. 

Linens don’t have to be overly expensive to make the experience feel luxurious.

7 Tips to Make Your Home Feel Like a Hotel Stay

7 Tips to Make Your Home Feel Like a Hotel Stay

3. Clutter.

One thing that always stands out about a hotel room is the lack of “stuff.” I tend to over-decorate (eg. table tops with too many books). Often the beauty and tranquility of a space lie in what isn’t there, not what is.

De-cluttering a space is huge for changing the atmosphere. I am a fan of Marie Kondo, her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” is a great read for how to organize space. 

7 Tips to Make Your Home Feel Like a Hotel Stay

4. Small touches go far.

A carafe of water by a table, an easy coffee machine in the morning, all of these remind me of a hotel room. I love a Nespresso machine as it means I get a quick cup right in like I would when traveling. Or a carafe of water with a cup by the bed, just like at a hotel room. I even picked up a cheap suitcase rack to help me pack/use for guests who visit. 

7 Tips to Make Your Home Feel Like a Hotel Stay

5. Go with neutral tones.

I find that the hotel rooms I adore the most, like Aman Resorts, are always in tones that are warm and inviting. There are no pops of red and yellow, it’s all bone, white, beige, and an accent color. There is something very soothing about it for me — again, this is a personal taste. I tend to stay at hotels that have a very natural color palette as I am drawn to it.

6. Mirrors do wonders. 

Ever noticed how many mirrors are in a hotel room? It opens up the room, reflects light, and adds a great accent. 

A few ideas here:

7 Tips to Make Your Home Feel Like a Hotel Stay

7. Choose appropriate sized furniture.

In small hotel rooms, you’ll never see an oversized couch. Why? Because it doesn’t fit and fills up the space. I’ve noticed this time and time again, well-designed hotel rooms have furniture that is size appropriate. Never too big and never too small. It’s something to keep in mind as picking out pieces — does this fit the space?

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7 Tips to Make Your Home Feel Like a Hotel Stay

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