When we first moved into the home, we came rather empty-handed. Being eager to cover our surfaces, I made some fast decisions on floor coverings. Knowing well that I would revisit these often-forgotten corners at a later time, it has now been three years since.

I was introduced to Armadillo several years ago by a friend who is a designer. It’s a company I’ve kept in the back of my mind over the years for timeless, classic rugs. The kind that you see and gravitate to for quality materials, impeccable design, and the way they seamlessly blend into a home (yet make a statement). I also love that all Armadillo rugs are handmade and created by artisans. Their three collections focus on several spaces throughout the home, but the one I was drawn to most was the Nook Collection.

Our home was built in the 1920s and the build in this era was “smaller, better”. Our two “functional” spaces in the home (the kitchen and bathroom) are exactly that. I call it the petite but pack-a-punch rooms in the home. With a few improvements made in the renovation phase, they’re some of my most loved spaces and most used in our home.

It was well overdue to upgrade the floor coverings in both of these rooms, to give them a little TLC. So I’m excited to share the new pieces that are in from Armadillo. I feel that they’ve really given a lift to the kitchen and bathroom, defining more the existing natural materials I loved in these rooms.

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Timeless Hallway Runners by Armadillo

The Nook Collection

Armadillo’s Nook Collection is focused on the corners of the home often overlooked. It’s about pieces to help cover the smaller surfaces in our home, like hallways, bathrooms, and kitchens. What I love about it, is the range in sizes — designed for big and small. Each of the pieces is versatile and built for everyday wear. And at the same time, they feel elevated and casually luxurious.

When choosing two runners, one for the bathroom and then the kitchen, I was eager for something that would feel like it was a part of the space. I wanted materials that were natural which is what I gravitate to most in our home. We have redwood finishings and stone throughout, so natural fibers felt like the right fit. With several choices in the collection, I was able to narrow it down to the right two.

The Bramble Nook

In the kitchen, I opted for the Bramble Nook. It’s a natural jute runner with an intricate soumak weave. Our kitchen has a little less light than the rest of the house, so it was important that the rug did not have too heavy of a presence. I love how it grounds the kitchen yet picks up light when the sun comes in. The fibers feel durable, perfect for us to be on daily while cooking and doing dishes. This hallway gets a lot of wear as it also leads to our backyard as well.

The Hemlock Nook

For our bathroom, I chose the Hemlock Nook. The jute, flatweave gives it a casual look yet feels so elevated in person. I love the natural tassels that bookend the rug, giving it an extra design detail. In our bathroom, it compliments the tones so well and is the perfect addition. It’s again another great choice of material for a high-use space like our bathroom.

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