With the start of the new year, I love to give the home a refresh. We have spent a lot of time at home (baby and you know what) and a few corners are looking a little hectic. When I think about refreshing the house, I look for organizers, ways to rid clutter, and a few ways to make our space feel new again.

The easiest and probably the most aesthetically pleasing to look at pieces for the home always come in the form of baskets (in my opinion). I love a good sturdy catch-all, like a corner piece to hold magazines or tuck away shoes at the front door. Or a large flat basket to house an assortment of pieces on the dining table.

Other ways I love to refresh the home are upgrades to the rooms we use the most. Our bathroom was the first spot I wanted to refresh, starting with new linens and a fresh scented soap + candle. In the kitchen, I’m a fan of new linens here, and even some new wooden pieces to use for cooking.

I decided to round up my favorites all from Shoppe Amber Interiors as I have a discount code just for you to use. While I am an #shoppeambassador, this post is not sponsored. These are pieces that are in my home that I truly love and think you will too. Use my code “15JESSICAW” for 15% off your order in-store or online.

12 Favorite Things to Refresh the Home

Water Hyacinth & Rattan Basket

This is the latest addition to our bathroom as we needed a serious upgrade to our laundry situation. The best part of this basket is the lid stays attached, so you can take pop it open for a quick toss and then close it right back up.

Linen Towel

Bath towels are one of those things in the home I like to replace so often. I love the earth tones and linen textures of these.

Frama Hand Wash

My guilty pleasure in the home is always a luxe handsoap. Frama has been my go-to this year.

Hand Woven Grass Basket

Great piece to use on a dining or coffee table.

Tania Basket

We have three of these in the home, one of each size, and they quickly found a home. One in the entry for shoes, a second for books in the living room, and the third went in the nursery.

A New Cookbook

Feel like you ate the same thing on repeat over the last weeks? I love a new cookbook and mixing up our recipes. My favorite right now is À Table and I am eyeing this Japan Cookbook.

Arandis Tea Towels for the Kitchen

Fresh towels for the kitchen too are a plus.

Mango Wood & Glass Lidded Jar

We recently organized the pantry and love the look of these lidded jars.

Sawyer Garlic Keeper

Little ceramic upgrades to the kitchen are my favorite. Like our butter keeper and this is next on my list.

Lilou Wire Storage Basket

Wire baskets in the kitchen are wonderful, we keep a few in the pantry to help organize our dry goods.

Bellocq Candle

A new scent is one of the best ways to freshen up the home. I love to replace our candles every few months with something new. I have this Bellocq and love the brass container which feels like a decorative piece itself.

Heirloom Catch All

And one of those pieces you can keep by the entry that looks good and catches it all, literally.

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