After a week of sailing through the Cyclades with G Adventures, there was much to love about the time on the Aegean sea. Take a look:

1. Breath taking views.
If there was something to note immediately, it was the views. As you sail through the Cyclades on board the boat, you get a different perspective of the islands. As you pass through Santorini, you peer up at the towering cliffs with white-washed buildings. You see the port of Naxos from the ocean, and every island welcomes you in with a new view to love. 

2. Secluded beaches and bays.
A highlight indeed was being able to anchor off these crystal clear bays and jump right into the water. With the sailboat, you can get quite close to shore, and dive in straight to a private beach only reachable by boat. Something about the Mediterranean and their turquoise waters is absolutely mesmerizing.

3. Local insight.
With G Adventures, you get not only a licensed captain, but also someone who knows these islands well. With heaps of knowledge, your captain points you in the right direction for food, adventure, and more.

4. Learning to sail!
You’ve come on a sailing trip, so yes you will learn to sail! It was quite exciting to be included in the actual “sailing” part of the trip where we learned how to tie knots, lower the anchor, and steer the boat!

5. Quiet moments on the ocean.
I savored these moments more than ever. Just you and the ocean, looking out over the horizon. It was ever so peaceful to glide across the Aegean Sea. 

6. Small group travel.
On board the boat, there is a max of 8 passengers and the captain. So no you’re not smashed into a big boat with thousands of people — this is small group travel. It’s intimate, you make friends, and get to share the joy of the travel experience in a small setting. 

7. Island hopping.
Sailing gives you the flexibility to jump from island to island, in the order that best makes sense to the group You get to see the highlights of the Cyclades, from the larger islands of Naxos, Mykonos, Santorini to the smaller ones of Folegandros and Ios. 

8. Fresh Greek food.
Can you ever get enough tzatziki and pita? The fresh seafood, feta, olives, and all things Greek seems to never end while you sail. 


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*Bon Traveler was welcomed as a guest of G Adventures. As always, all opinions are own.

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