Traveling with girlfriends has been one of my favorite things to do these past years and I love getting to create memories on the road. These top tips for how to have a successful girls getaway will show that it’s not always all glitter and unicorns when it comes to travel. It can often be complicated to plan a trip, even if it’s a local weekend away. With many moving pieces, I think it’s important to be sure that before the trip, expectations are set. So with a bit of trial and error over the last years and many incredible moments together, here are my top tips for traveling with friends.

How to Have a Successful Girls Getaway

How to Have a Successful Girls Getaway

First off, I think there’s some important questions to ask before planning a trip (this of course is after a destination is decided, here’s a few to get the creative juices going). Here are the questions I would ask:

  • What are you looking to do while there?
  • What are the top “not miss” things you want to do in said place?
  • How much budget are you thinking for dining, excursions, and accommodations? *This is the most important question and can bypass much of the travel stress.
  • What do you want out of the trip — i.e. are you looking to relax, be adventurous, or combo?
  • What is your travel style? Get an idea of the tempo you both like to have.

From there, I think it’s realistic that expectations set in advance will help bypass any disappointment that can occur while on the road.

Some other tips to consider for traveling with friends:

Food and sleep is priority. 
Let’s be honest, we are not our best when we are tired or hungry. We don’t think reasonably and often will snap out of character when basic needs are not met. The first and foremost priority should always be getting a temperature gage of each person’s hunger and energy level. It’s easy to let the other person know you need to eat or need a few more hours of asleep — and checking in on each other especially can help.

Budget, budget, and more budget.
Setting these expectations far in advance is critical. Have you ever been on a trip where your friend would rather walk the 2 miles to save money on transportation? Yeah these situations can get under your skin and can be easily avoided ahead of time with a quick check-in on budget.

Allocate planning evenly.
I’ve taken a few trips where I did the majority of the planning and wish that my travel partner would have contributed equally. I think allocating the planning portion with each other’s strengths can help alleviate the pre-travel stress.

Be honest.
I know its super cliché but so many times people will not share how they are feeling to keep the peace. Often times just being honest in the right setting and said properly can avoid explosions later.

You don’t have to do everything together.
Quality versus quantity is one thing I always value. You don’t have to be glued at the hip to have a great trip and I always recommend doing something on your own that perhaps the other does not enjoy.

Resolve conflict sooner than later.
Should there be conflict, have a way of resolving it a reasonable way. Don’t wait until the end of the trip, as it can potentially ruin the whole trip.

Say thank you.
If you’ve taken your friend along for the day you planned, a short thank you and acknowledgement goes a long way. Showing appreciation is everything.

Most importantly, enjoy the moment.
Savor the moments together and truly enjoy the journey — accept the mishaps, roll with the punches, and find joy in the experience.

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How to Have a Successful Girls Getaway

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