When I started this business, I never quite realized how different my “desk” would look. I often struggle with how to stay productive with work while traveling and struggled to find a solution that stuck. Often times my desk changes from one setting to the next, all the while combatting changing time zones, changing hotel rooms, and battling a schedule that seems hard to get a grip on. Maintaining good communication with clients, getting content out on the blog, and keeping up with every other part of the business are just a few of the things that I am constantly trying to keep track of.How to Stay Productive With Work While Traveling

Sometimes I work too much and other times I should work a bit more (I will be the first to admit!), and I try to find the right balance. So after the past three years of working on the road, I wanted to share a few tips that have helped me to stay productive with work while traveling.

How to stay productive with work while traveling

My first tip is to prioritize rest.
You can’t be your best self — and in this case, the best business owner, employee, trainer or whatever career you’ve chosen — if you’re tired. I always choose myself, meaning that I prioritize getting a good night’s sleep, eating well, and not pushing myself. Sometimes the sleep portion can’t always be controlled, but I do everything in my power to be sure I am rested in every other category so I can run my business in the best way possible. Here’s a post on making travel a bit easier.

My second tip is to set a schedule and prioritize.
Drinks after dinner always sounds better then emails, but I know I will pay for it later. So I prioritize and stick to my schedule. Some nights I go out and other nights I get my work done. You’re traveling, it’s fun, but the balance will help you stay productive with work while on the road — nothing hurts more than coming home to a full inbox.

My third tip to stay productive with work while traveling is learning to ask for help.
Handing over the keys to someone else is often the hardest part of a business, but I think what is harder is admitting you need the help. I learned early on from a mentor that asking for help is okay and when you can, you should. I am much more productive when I have a team supporting me while I am on the road.

My fourth tip is to have the right tools for success to work while abroad.
Is there anything more frustrating then poor internet connection at a hotel? That’s why I’ve started traveling with a global WiFi hotspot to ensure I am connected with 4G to get my work done. I use Skyroam day passes while on the road and find that it’s helped me stay connected and productive while traveling. (Use code BONTRAVELER for a discount).

My fifth tip is to take advantage of time zones.
Who knew different time zones could be in your favor! I love it as it gives me time to catch up on emails or take advantage of quiet time when there are no emails coming in to write content. Know your time zones and know your best hours to work peacefully and productively.

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    This was an article I didn’t realize I needed until I read it. My pitfall is trying to maintain my work schedules from home when I travel, instead of accommodating work around my itinerary. This always ends in disaster when unexpected things happen, or I arrive back to my accommodation late in the evening and am too exhausted to even open my laptop! I really appreciate your tip on making the most of time zones – I never thought of that one but it makes perfect sense. Keep up the quality posts!

    • Jessica Wright
      Jessica Wright Reply

      I can totally relate! Thank you so much for sharing and hope to provide more posts like this soon!

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