Interior Collection (Desktop)


My first love of photography started with interiors and design. It has been at the core of what I do since day one, whether it is capturing a stunning hotel, a restaurant, or even a moment inside my own interior space. These presets are designed for indoor photography with a focus on balancing images with color hues that pop rather than bog down an image. At the core of it, the goal is to get rid of those yellowish hues but still give it a warm and inviting feeling (a tough thing to do in interior photography). From the years of practice, I’ve created these presets to do exactly that. I’ve included 5 unique and concise presets that will work across a range of interior images.

The Interior Collection for Desktop includes:

  • 5 Adobe Lightroom Presets (Balanced, Clean, Defined, Muted, and Soft)
  • An Installation Guide

Please note:

These presets are designed for Lightroom Classic Desktop. Remember that Lightroom Presets may look different on each image depending on a few factors. From colors in the photo to lighting, these all play a role in how the photo will look when the preset is applied. It may require a few tweaks to the photo.



  • Presets are best used on images that are properly exposed. All presets will work differently with images pending the lighting, white balance settings, and other variables. Some adjusting may be necessary after the preset is applied.
  • These presets are designed for Lightroom desktop version (OSX / Windows and not mobile app) and work with RAW and JPEG photos.
  • Since presets cannot be returned, unfortunately we cannot issue refunds.

Have more questions?

Visit the Lightroom Presets FAQs page for more info.


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