Master Collection 1 (Mobile)


Want to purchase every single Bon Traveler preset at a major discount? Then grab Master Collection 1 for Mobile that comes with 30 custom presets. Master Collection 1 includes all 6 collections launched thus far: SFO, BCN, CDMX, All Rounder, Road Trip, and Interior.

It’s valued at $180, making the Master Collection over 25% off all presets in one bundle.

This collection of presets will give you several choices for editing ALL TYPES of photography, from interior to landscape, and more.

Master Collection 1 for Mobile includes:

Please note:

These presets are designed for Lightroom CC Mobile. Remember that Lightroom Presets may look different on each image depending on a few factors. From colors in the photo to lighting, these all play a role in how the photo will look when the preset is applied. It may require a few tweaks to the photo.



  • Mobile presets cannot be used on Lightroom Desktop. They are only for the mobile Lightroom CC app and work with photos taken on your phone and/or transferred to your phone from your DSLR.
  • Upon purchase, you will receive a fully-illustrated user guide covering how to get the presets on your phone. It requires a few simple steps, including downloading the files to your desktop computer first. But, don’t worry, it is easy!
  • Presets are best used on balanced images that are properly exposed. All presets will work differently with images pending the lighting, white balance settings, and other variables. Some adjusting of variables like saturation, exposure, shadows, and highlights may be necessary after the preset is applied.
  • Since presets cannot be returned, unfortunately we cannot issue refunds.

Have more questions?

Visit the Lightroom Presets FAQs page for more info.


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