Paris during the fall is truly unlike any other times. The cold air makes the cappuccinos that much better and the cafes even cozier. As my husband and I explore most of the city, it was great to be outside during the day and when our fingers were too cold we ducked into some of our favorite spots. This last week we made new memories and I thought I would share some of my old and new favorite spots across Paris. Of course the districts like the Marais and Saint Germain are my favorite so I don’t often wander to far from there, but all the same they are magical. 

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Have a sweet tooth? Welcome to your new favorite city, Paris. From drinks to pastries, there is something for everyone. The Parisians know how to best indulge in the finer things in life, especially when it comes to food. When I was there this last week I found myself returning back to the same eclair shop for a new flavor – I may have developed a slight addiction.

Next time you find yourself in Paris, these are the top treats to try.. 

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Coming to Europe for the first time during the Christmas months, I was so excited to explore the infamous Christmas markets. After hearing so much about the charm of the shops, the good smells of seasonal treats and the overall holiday spirit, I couldn’t wait to go explore the markets. We were headed to Paris first where I knew one of the best Christmas market in the world was.

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