Have a sweet tooth? Welcome to your new favorite city, Paris. From drinks to pastries, there is something for everyone. The Parisians know how to best indulge in the finer things in life, especially when it comes to food. When I was there this last week I found myself returning back to the same eclair shop for a new flavor – I may have developed a slight addiction. Let’s just say the possibilities are endless when we’re talking about sweets in Paris.

Next time you find yourself in Paris, these are the top treats to try..

1. L’éclair de Génie
These are a must and my current obsession. Let’s just say when I was there for a week, I had one every single day – yes every single day. The colorful, flavor packed, inventive éclairs from Génie are insanely good. Plus what’s more classic then a French éclair?

2. Ladurée
Besides the typical Instagram photo of a box of macarons, they are quite delicious. The cassis and caramel are the best. If you find a bit of time to sit down, head to their salon de thé and do a proper tea and dessert tasting. The Ladurée macarons will not disappoint.

Photo via tripadvisor.com Photo via tripadvisor.com

3. Odette 
The infamous “choux” or as we know them better, the French cream puff. Tasty little treats and easy to eat a lot!

photo via playingwithflour.com photo via playingwithflour.com

4. Angelina
This is one of the best hot chocolates in town, hands down. On the go or even a sitting here is a perfect way to spend an afternoon indulging in an amazing hot chocolate and some pastries.

Photo via alifewortheating.com  Photo via alifewortheating.com

5. Jacques Genin
Welcome to who was formerly the best pastry chef in Paris, now the connoisseur of caramel. Yes caramel, everything caramel. They are ridiculous and a personal favorite of my husband.

6. Café Saint-Régis
This is my favorite cafe for an afternoon coffee – plus after all of the sweets, a little caffeine may be needed.

7. Amorino
Flower shaped gelato, must I say more? This is by far the best gelato in town and flavors to die for. I love the flavors like cassis, raspberry, and chocolate.


Bon travels, Xx

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