There’s a reason Paris is called the city of love. These 10 Airbnbs in Paris with stunning views are a great starting point for your trip. 10 Airbnbs in Paris with Stunning Views

Paris, especially in the summer season, is full of warm and natural light that invites you to take in the beauty of the cityscape through its building’s large window frames and the views from these Airbnbs are nothing short of spectacular. Each of these Airbnbs is centrally located and allow for the utmost convenience when sightseeing the top tourist spots in Paris. Many of them also reside right alongside a metro stop making any spot in the city accessible and easy. One of the biggest tips of advice I would give for choosing a place is location. Something my husband and I do before choosing where we want to stay is going onto Google Maps and starring the places we want to visit. We then see where most of the stars are and we pick the neighborhood that is best fit for seeing everything.

Be sure to enjoy 5 star views of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Arc de Triumph, and much more from the comfort of your apartment before you venture out into the city. A glass of wine and a plate of cheese always adds to the experience!

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10 Airbnbs in Paris with stunning views

1. A calm Oasis close to the Eiffel Tower 10 Airbnbs in Paris with stunning views

2. Central Studio Apartment

10 Airbnbs in Paris with stunning views

3. Charming Studio next to the Eiffel Tower 1c9062b0-fc96-470e-aab9-5fd09dd6d72d

4. Local’s little Studio (Live like a local) airbnb2

5. Rustic meets modern in the heart of Marais f4ce5ae2-e635-4578-a9bc-28cbea253005

6. Modern hotel near the Metro b1767374-6437-4a7b-af51-9c518c9cdf4b

7. Vintage Parisian flat a1613080-0f24-48c6-8ed4-b6f70a0580dc

8. Prime location next to Pantheon 2fc20650-d0aa-4420-adba-3af2c07fff08

9. “Johannesburg” design 2ad066bd-cf91-4b26-bc48-9b3c2707b3db

10. “The city of lights” comes to life at this luxury locale. cb875a43-d46b-491c-a818-bc7f227a655a

*All images belong to their Airbnb owners.

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  1. These are all stunning!!! I really would be happy in any of them x

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