In this day and age, there are a lot of ways to travel the world. After my second river cruise with Viking River, it’s easy to say that this is a comfortable and convenient way to travel. From special touches like planned itineraries to fine dining cuisine, the experience on board is second to none. After cruising from Amsterdam to Basel aboard the Viking Lofn, it was easy to say cruising is one incredible way to experience Europe. Take a look at 10 reasons to take a Viking River Cruise. 

1.  All you have to do is say, yes
Between the accommodations, the destinations, the transportation, and the food  there is so much involved when planning a vacation. However, all of these things are taken care of when done with Viking.  

2. The Joy of Unpacking Once
This may be one of my favorite parts of the river cruise. When heading to so many cities and countries in one trip, packing and unpacking multiple times can be a hassle. Onboard the ship, you unpack once and let the ease of the river take you to your next destination.

3. The Friendliest Staff
From the moment you step on the boat, the staff remember your name and your preferences, and will quickly try to accommodate your needs. They become friends and a big part of your journey. 

4. The Itineraries
Deciding where to go is often times the hardest part of travel. Should you go to the large cities or the small, countryside towns? With Viking, they try their best to let the passengers experience both. On the Switzerland to the North Sea itinerary, we were able to spend time in Amsterdam as well as the small UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kinderdijk.

5. The People Onboard
One thing that I was not expecting was to become friends with the people onboard the ship. Each night you are with the group of people, and since there are not thousands of people, and only around 180 (the Viking Lofn), you start to get to know everyone. It’s safe to say I’ve made a few new friends after this trip. 

6. The Food
The food is an experience in itself. The ever-changing menu allows you always to be trying something new each night. As you come into different regions, the menu often features a regional dish to try as well, making the trip a bit more cultural. 

7. The Views
One of the most stunning days onboard was when we sailed the Middle Rhine. Being in the middle of the river, on a long, flat deck, offered unwavering views of each small town and castle we passed.

8. Eco-friendly
Electricity is free because of solar panels situated on the boat. Viking River Cruise gives big efforts to be as eco-friendly as possible. 

9. Crisis management perfected
Many do not know that sailing on the rivers in Europe can have issues due to high/low waters and the locks. Because Viking River Cruise has multiple “sister ships” (i.e” one leaves Amsterdam and the other Basel, both passing each other to the final destination), they’re able to solve any unforeseen issue immediately. Many of the others would not go on if they couldn’t get through a lock. The worst case with Viking is having to switch (not ideal, but absolutely brilliant if it was the worst case).

10. Modern design
The design on the boat is appealing. Clean lines, bright spaces, and modern amenities make for a cozy space to call home. 

*Bon Traveler was welcomed as a guest of Viking River. As always, all opinions are own. 



  1. I wholeheartedly agree with your list! A cruise is great for visiting a lot of new cities quickly and creating a list of places to revisit. After my Rhine cruise, I’m dying to get back to Strasbourg and Heidelberg.

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