I know that I love a good distraction during times like these and one way is through books. I do like a good read but one thing I love is a book that has a lot of imagery. A photo that transports me to a place — brings back good memories or brings hope for the future. Better yet, it brings some creative energy.

14 Books That Will Take You On A Visual Journey

There are some incredible books that are available on Amazon which can be delivered to your doorstep right now. So I thought I’d share a list of books that I either already own or am looking to get. And the best part? All of the imagery is beautiful, inspiring, and transports you — for those moments you need a mental break. So here are books that are centered around home design, travel, and more. Have a look at these 14 beautiful books that will transport you and take you on a visual journey.

14 Books That Will Take You On A Visual Journey

1. Dame Traveler
This is first on the list and one of the newest on the shelves from a fellow traveler, Nastasia of Dame Traveler. She launched this book this year and it features female travelers from around the world. In it, beautiful imagery from places around the world takes you on a visual journey.


2. Live Beautiful
If there’s one book I’ve seen more publicity in the last month for, it’s this one. For good reason, Athena Calderone behind Eye Swoon has produced her latest book that takes you into some incredible homes. This book is all about design and yes, all swoon-worthy.


3. My Tiny Atlas
Oh, how I love Tiny Atlas Quarterly and the founder Emily. What she has done for the creative travel community is incredible and an inspiration. Her first book produced in the world through our eyes as travelers. Beautiful and inspirational places, spaces, and more.


4. Roaming America
Another fellow traveler, Renee of Renee Roaming created this beautiful book from her road trip around the US to all of the National Parks. It’s great to thumb through, bookmark, and get inspired for future road trips.


5. Wabi-Sabi Welcome
I think I’ve bought this book for more people than I can remember. It’s a house staple, one I keep out at all times. The reminder of slow-living through the Japanese lense of life is wonderful. The imagery in this matches the eloquence of the words.


6. At Home in Joshua Tree: A Field Guide to Desert Living
Our friends Rich & Sara behind the Joshua Tree House created this book that documents the essence of desert living. It’s inspiring, a new way to think about how we do life on a daily level. Plus, the images are stunning.


7. The Bucket List: Places to Find Peace and Quiet
This one has been bookmarked on my computer for a while. I love the concept behind this book of traveling to quiet places. I know it’s something I’m looking forward to. The imagery from what I’ve seen online is wonderful.


8. Travel Home: Design with a Global Spirit
I just met Caitlin this last month and she is such an inspiration. She is a designer and created this book that helps us create our home space to reflect our experiences.


9. Cabin Porn
Need inspiration for a quiet place? Yes, this book is like a Pinterest account for only cabins. This is a great coffee table book and a great to pick up for a few minutes of perusing.


10. Cereal City Guides
Rosa Park has many city guides, but each of them is so beautiful and unique. I love the Paris one especially. If you’re dreaming of travel and wanting to get some ideas, pick up one of these.


11. Hide and Seek: The Architecture of Cabins and Hideouts
This is like the best of architecture and travel. Beautiful cabins and hideouts set in stunning locations.


12. Yellowstone: A Land of Wild and Wonder
I have to include this one as we just got it for my in-laws and wish I had picked one up for me. It’s an ode to Yellowstone National Park through beautiful imagery.


13. Tom Kundig: Works
Another one of our favorite coffee table books in the home is from our favorite architect, Tom Kundig. If you like architecture, this is a great one to have for the house.


14. Escape
And last but not least, Escape by Gray Malin. Because we could all use a mental escape right now. Let these bright colors and soothing scenes cheer up your day.


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14 Books That Will Take You On A Visual Journey

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