After sharing the recent design post on seven items to bring charm and texture into the home, there was a large request for more vintage Turkish rugs! I mentioned in the post how a well-worn Turkish rug brings so much life to a room.

20 Vintage Turkish Rugs under $200

A reason why I chose Turkish rugs is that these ones, in particular, have a short pile to them and have a wonderful over-dyed look. I’ve purchased all 4 rugs in the home now from the same shop and have been incredibly impressed with the quality.

About These Turkish Rugs

A little information on these rugs. I source from the same dealer out of Turkey as I’ve been incredibly happy with the quality and speed in which they’re sent. He sources all of his rugs in Anatolia, Turkey. He takes them, cleans them professionally, cuts the pile short, and then he soaks them in hot water to make them over-dyed.

The patina of the rugs give a room a really great feeling and don’t overwhelm a space. I want my rugs to complement a room, not dominate it.

The other great thing with these rugs is that they’re pretty heavy (especially the area rugs) and don’t move much at all so I haven’t had to purchase any pads (though some may argue that I should!). The short pile also means that when things get spilled on them, it’s still easy to clean — even when our cats get sick on them!

On his shop, he also has some great vintage Kilim Rugs and Herki Runners as well.

All of these rugs below ship free to the U.S. and are sent via DLS — every time I’ve order they have come in around four-five business days.

Please note, the links below are my affiliate links. It means that at no extra cost to you, I may make a commission. The products I recommend are ones I personally love and choose, and your support means the world.

20 Vintage Turkish Rugs under $200

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20 Vintage Turkish Rugs under $200

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