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Traditional shops, local goods, and artisanal pieces for the home are what you can find in Kyoto. Kyoto has some incredible shopping, with boutiques everywhere.

Kyoto’s longstanding tradition in the arts goes far back in time and can be found throughout the city.

7 Local Shops in Kyoto to Not Miss
7 Local Shops in Kyoto to Not Miss
7 Local Shops in Kyoto to Not Miss

Our first time in Kyoto, we ended up cramming our suitcases with a few goods. This time, we ended up having to buy an entirely new suitcase.

We love Japanese design, and the smaller boutiques focus on this and wabi-sabi aesthetic. Attention to detail, beautiful ceramics, and linens are just a few of the things to pick up.

So this time, we sought out new shops in addition to our favorites.

After three days of exploring Kyoto, I wanted to share our favorite local shops you can’t miss.

In this list you’ll also find what to buy at these shops — some pieces can only be found in Kyoto.

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Lastly, don’t forget to book your Japan Rail Pass before you arrive!

7 Local Shops in Kyoto to Not Miss

1. Kohchosai Kosuga (公長斎小菅 京都本店)

Kohchosai Kosuga is one of our favorite stores for handcrafted, woven goods. Using straw and bamboo, they weave beautiful vases and other goods for the home. We always pick up a vase or two here. They also have other wood items like chopsticks, plating, and serving platters.

What to buy: Bamboo vases, chopsticks, other serving utensils.
Address: Japan, 〒604-8004 Kyoto, 京都市中京区Nakagyo Ward, 三条通河原町東入ル中島町74番地

2. Wakabaya

We found this ceramic store via Instagram a while back and made a point to come here during our time.

We ended up with a pitcher and two cups from Wakabaya that we adore.

This shop has around 5-7 artisans from Kyoto who specialize in ceramics and they carry a variety of their work.

What to buy: Local ceramic goods like mugs, cups, and plates.
Address: 53 Shioyacho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8247, Japan

3. Aritsugu Nishiki Market

7 Local Shops in Kyoto to Not Miss

Located inside the Nishiki Market, Aritsugu is one of the oldest knife shops in Japan.

We absolutely loved the single-blade knife we purchased last time so we stopped in for another.

One cool thing you can do with the knives here is getting them engraved, which makes for a great memory or even a gift.

What to buy: Knives
Address: Japan, 〒604-8052 Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward, 御幸町西入ル鍛冶屋町219

4. Kaanamitsuji (Kōdaiji Temple Location)

Dedicated to the art of hand-wired or metalwork goods for the kitchen (think tea strainers and Japanese grills), this shop is rooted in tradition.

Kyoto is specifically known for this craft.

Each hand-wired metalwork piece is as beautiful as it is functional. The shop, of course, is stunning and located in the historic district.

What to buy: Tea strainer sets, Japanese open-flame grill for vegetables.
Address: Japan, 〒605-0826 Kyoto, Higashiyama Ward, 高台寺桝屋町362

5. Kawataki Kitchen Shop

Near to the market, we always pop in to Kawataki to see what kitchen goods they have.

Everything in the store is often from a local craftsman in Kyoto, so you can see a range of goods.

What to buy: All kitchen goods
Address: Japan, 〒604-8053 Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward, Masuyacho, 505番地 麩屋町通り

6. Mumokuteki Goods & Wears

Mumokuteki was was another new find and loved the variety from clothing to home goods here.

There are multiple floors so be sure to pop around and explore.

What to buy: Home goods and clothing
Address: Japan, 〒604-8066 Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward, 蛸薬師上ル式部町261 寺町通り

7. Kiso Artech Ginkakuji Showroom (Ginisho)

7 Local Shops in Kyoto to Not Miss

Near the Philosopher’s Path, Kiso Artech is a stunning showroom for wooden items.

Everything from plates to paper products, this small space is definitely worth stopping by just to browse.

What to buy: Wood products for the home.
Address: 43 Shishigatani Honenincho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 606-8421, Japan

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7 Local Shops in Kyoto to Not Miss

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