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Spending lots of time at home right now has had me thinking of different ways to refresh. It’s this time of year where I start to pull out the drawers and organize. There is something very therapeutic about organizing, cleaning, and making change. With spring in pretty much full swing, I’ve been slowly working my way through the house.

7 Ways to Refresh Your Home

A few of these ideas are just great ways to change things up in the home. If you’re looking for some weekend projects, there are a few of those in here too!

I know home content on the blog is new but amidst what it is happening, it feels like it’s the best thing to share about. Just even spending more time at the house than I’ve ever had, has me spinning up new ideas. So I hope you will enjoy a few of these over the coming weeks.

Ready to change things up a bit? Here are a few ways to refresh the house.

7 Ways to Refresh Your Home

1. Change the scent.

It’s the first thing I do in spring. Switch out those moody, winter candles and update with a few fresh floral scents. This may be one of the easiest ways to freshen up the home. The scent is one of the strongest relationships we can have with a space so I always start here. Some of my favorite candle spring scents are (all of these have free shipping):

One other thing I love to do is just light a candle or two around the house. If you don’t want a scent, you can also light a tapered candle, it adds so much coziness to the home. I love these black beeswax candles and these splurge ones.

2. Organize the drawers.

Pull it all out. Empty the drawers, sort, and give it a good cleanout. Our bathroom drawers and kitchen drawers tend to hide the most stuff, so we start here. We will look for odds and ends, and organize accordingly. We love this expandable kitchen drawer organizer that is made from bamboo (no plastic!). It adjusts according to the drawer so we picked up a few for around the house. A few others available on Amazon Prime:




3. Replace the linens.

Once a year, we refresh the linens (and keep the old ones as backups). Probably my most overlooked area of the house is the linens. We keep our house as minimal as possible and like to use our towels until they get to that “it’s now a rag” point. This past year, we went with all Parachute Home linens for everything throughout the house and have been super pleased with both the towels and bed linens. We also added this Coyuchi Linen Throw which has become a favorite to cuddle up in.

These are the sets:

4. Switch out winter wardrobes for spring/summer.

As the weather starts to warm up, I’ll put away my winter clothes back into boxes and pull out summer pieces. Our closets are not huge so we can’t have everything in one place so I’ll switch once or twice a year. It’s also an opportunity to go through the clothes to see what I haven’t worn as much. I try to comb out pieces that didn’t get worn and donate.

7 Ways to Refresh Your Home

5. Add some prints to your home.

Have an empty wall? One way to fill it is by doing a DIY gallery wall. Take those photos you haven’t printed yet and either self-print the photos or use a service like Framebridge where you can upload your prints and they’ll print them with your frame of choice. You can also consider purchasing a print from an artist — I’m a huge fan of the Loom & Kiln collection (Moon print pictured here).

Framebridge also offers these really cool “galley walls” where everything comes in a bundle. A bit on the pricier side but a great way to add photos to your home. This one is really neat, I love the simplicity of this and another great option.

6. Clean out the pantry.

Oh, how our pantry hides things. It’s like a black hole, and every once in awhile, I pull out items that are over 2 years old! Here’s my suggestion:

  • First: pull everything out.
  • Second: remove expired items.
  • Third: place back in an organized manner, keeping closer to expire items in the front. This way you’ll see what needs to be eaten!

7. Add florals to the home.

My final tip for refreshing the house is adding florals. Whether you clip them from your backyard (or even a neighbor’s with permission), get them at the supermarket or support local florists, it’s a great way to bring life to the house. I’ll buy big bunches of greenery with some florals, and spread it across the house. It sparks joy and one of my favorite part of spring. If you’re looking for some vases that you can add to your home, consider these:

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7 Ways to Refresh Your Home

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