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Welcome to Portugal’s best secret beach town of Comporta. Unspoiled nature and miles of pristine beaches makes this coastal town one of the top European getaways. When I visited, I fell absolutely in love with this laidback spot, only an hour away from Lisbon.

It’s hard to put a finger on what makes Comporta so special. Comparisons have been made to “The Hamptons” in terms of relationship to Lisbon as the Hamptons are to New York City. But to make this comparison would take away entirely from what this Alentejo coastline is all about.

Comporta has that sandy bleached-wood, unassuming feeling to it. It’s far afield from anywhere I’ve been to before in terms of experience. The breezy beaches, dotted with umbrellas and chic seafood outposts overlooking the Atlantic, are, well, idyllic.

Comporta Travel Guide
Melides viewpoint

Verdant rice fields border up against the dunes that make way to the sandy beaches. And while Comporta is a small village in size, it is full of sophisticated restaurants and tastefully designed stores and chic hotels nearby. There’s this unique blend of rustic elegance here, while still maintaining that traditional Portuguese way of life.

And Comporta is much more than the village — it’s really the “Herdade da Comporta” which is comprised of 7 villages. Comporta, Torre, Pego, Brejos, Carvalhal, Possanco, and Carrasqueira make up this area. Between it all, several waterways and sanctuarys like the Sado Estuary. A nature reserve home to dolphins, birds, and even flamingos.

So if you’re looking to have a quiet escape, that is slow going and elegant in its own way, Comporta is it. It’s effortlessly chic, easy on the eyes, and good for the soul. This is my insider guide to visiting Comporta, Portugal.

Short on Time? Here Are My Top Picks for the Best Hotels and Things to Do in Comporta:


  1. Sublime Comporta, for the best overall hotel

Things to Do

  1. Go Horseback Riding with Cavalos na Areia
  2. Ride a Boat Through the Sado Estuary

Comporta, Portugal Travel Guide

What to Know Before Visiting Comporta

Comporta Travel Guide

How Many Days in Comporta?

You could spend a week slowing down in Comporta. I’d opt for a minimum of 3 nights to really be able to enjoy the pace of life here, see the beaches, and have some down time. I’d consider also visiting and spending time in Évora as part of a larger itinerary.

When to Visit Comporta?

The best time to visit Comporta is from late spring to early autumn, particularly between May and September, when the weather is warm and sunny, making it ideal for enjoying the beaches, outdoor dining, and exploring the natural surroundings.

Do I Need a Car to Visit Comporta?

Yes, a car is a necessity to get around Comporta. I would recommend booking a car in Lisbon Airport, I used Discover Cars to make a booking. I take the full insurance and book with one of the better rated agencies like Sixt.

How Do I Get to Comporta?

To reach Comporta, Portugal, you can fly into Lisbon Airport and then embark on a scenic drive south for about an hour and a half. This route will take you through the beautiful Alentejo region, leading you directly to the serene coastal village of Comporta.

Is Comporta Portugal Expensive?

The higher end restaurants and hotels are on the typical expensive side for European beach destinations. With that said, you could go off-season and find more local restaurants to eat more cheaply.

The Best Hotels in Comporta

Sublime Comporta

I don’t think there is a better hotel to stay at in Comporta than Sublime. The experience is a true embodiment of its name, a luxurious retreat nestled amidst the untouched beauty of Comporta. With villa and cabana-style rooms, it feels refined and seamlessly rustic in the best kind of way.

With 3 nights spent on property with Kiwi Collection, I loved how it’s tucked behind private gates that lead to 17-acres of umbrella pine and cork trees. Staying in their “Villa Room Master,” it felt quiet and intimate, as this room is one of three in a private villa with its own private pool. Acting as a mini hotel of sorts, you feel like you have your very own beach cabana that faces nature.

On property, there are bikes to use, access to their incredible two-story gym with classes, an indoor pool and sauna, and their outdoor pool. The property is large, tennis courts are in the front for use and then there are three restaurants to choose from. Food Circle, Sem Porta, and Tasca da Comporta are all amazing choices.

And you can’t miss their beach club — come summer months there are lounge chairs for use to enjoy the pristine beach. Onsite, their bar and restaurant, serving up what was one of my favorite meals of the trip. Sublime Comporta is undoubtedly one of the best luxury hotels in the region, and a bucket list stay for any trip. Book the best rates here.

Other Hotels For Consideration in Comporta:

The Best Restaurants in Comporta

Sublime Comporta Beach Club

Hands down the most memorable meal of the trip was the beachfront late lunch at the beach club. Order the squid ink paella, tossed table side with steaming bits of local rice, squid, and asparagus. You’ll want to reserve far in advance for one of the best meals in Comporta on Carvalhal Beach.


In downtown, one of the meals I adored was Cavalariça, set inside a former horse stable. The elevated meal showcased many ingredients from the region. I’d highly recommend making a booking for here for at least one dinner.


The favorite spot for breakfast to brunch, the outdoor seating is amazing on a sunny day. The food is very fresh, try any of their seasonal soups and fish.


One of the top restaurants in town, they have several tapas-style plates on the menu. You’ll find hearty traditional dishes like iberico pork cheeks and bean stew among the offerings. Next door is the Gomes grocery store, which has so many high quality regional ingredients, so be sure to also check that out.


Comporta Travel Guide

I came here years ago on a trip and the place was as busy as I remembered. The spot for fresh seafood with a view, get everything from grilled fish to oysters. One of my favorites on the Atlantic coast.

Other Restaurants Saved:

The Best Things to Do in Comporta

Hit the Beaches

You’re here for the beaches, cause it’s really the main thing to do. There are a few to enjoy — the main ones are Praia da Comporta, Praia do Pego, Praia da Torre, and Praia do Carvalhal. They are all well maintained, have bathrooms and a restaurant or two. But I’m personally inclined to Praia do Carvalhal because of the two restaurants there — Sal and Sublime Beach Club.

In an ideal day, I’d wake up slow, have breakfast at the hotel, meander a bit. I’d head out to the beach for lunch at one of these spots, and spend the rest of the day on the golden sands. This is the ideal Comporta day.

Shop the Town

Comporta Travel Guide

While small, there are several boutiques to stop into when in Comporta. As if the olive oils, tins, and wines aren’t reason enough to bring an extra suitcase. There is also all of the pottery, home decor, and effortless fashion. Stop into Rice – Marta Mantero, Lavanda, and Mercearia Gomes, they’re all worth a visit.

Visit the Village of Melides

Melides, a new home for art, design, and incredible architecture. It’s a small town, but mighty. With Christian Louboutin opening his hotel Vermelho (worth a drive just to see that lounge), it’s put it on the map even more. I’d head down, stop into Vida Dura for all things decor, art, and pottery. Consider lunch at O Melidense for something very unrefined and well, local (no promises on the food). Stop into hotel Vermelho for a small bite or drink. Then out to Praia de Melides for beach time.

Go Horseback Riding with Cavalos na Areia

One way to take in the scenery of Comporta is to get on horseback. With Cavalos na Areia, you embark on a 1.5 hour horseback tour that takes you over the rice paddies. You end up at the beach on horseback and the tours only go out in good weather. Book the tour here.

Ride a Boat Through the Sado Estuary

Comporta Travel Guide

I had bookmarked this tour that takes you by boat up the Sado River. It looks absolutely amazing and the price isn’t terrible if you have a group of people. It’s a great way to see the scenery, I would consider this as an activity if you’re looking to get out. It’s an opportunity go dolphin watching along the Sado Estuary Natural Reserve. Book the tour here.

Try a Surf Lesson with Surf in Comporta

You are at one of the best surfing spots in Portugal, so if you’d like a lesson, Surf in Comporta came highly recommended. The family owned and operated business is a local favorite for rentals and lessons.

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