With many Mendocino Hotels, the Brewery Gulch Inn is one of the best around. After navigating many winding turns, curves, and hills of the infamous Highway 1, you arrive into the area known as Mendocino County. You know you’ve arrived when you find the local Spanish moss-covered trees lining the freeway to your right as the etched-out shoreline of the Pacific Ocean relentlessly frames your left.

Integrating the tradition of locally owned inns and charming, intimate spaces, the Brewery Gulch Inn is changing the way you experience Mendocino hotels and you should know why.

Mendocino Hotels: The Brewery Gulch Inn

Mendocino Hotels: The Brewery Gulch Inn Review

Driving up the Highway One to the Gulch Inn, the top of the roof peaks out from the Redwoods and can only keep you guessing as to what awaits. Walking in where all of the 10 rooms are centered around their “great room,” this where you will find yourself (and for good reason). All of the action happens here, whether it’s for their culinary indulgences, their unwavering view of the ocean, or even for a late night game of Scrabble. The Brewery Gulch Inn has brought to life some of the most important senses and my personal favorite: taste. They’ve redefined the wine hour in a way that will make you consider just having their choices for your full meal (the best part is that it’s complimentary). Of course dinner was just the first step in their culinary adventures, as breakfast closely follows with favorites like their Millionaire’s bacon, house-made pastries, and a cook-to-order menu. The food is centered around locally sourced ingredients, with daily menus incorporating seasonal flavors that scream Mendocino.

If you haven’t forgotten about your room at this point, then be reminded that it’s an equally amazing place to be. With each room on boasting gas fireplaces, most having ocean views and a balcony, they truly make for a great place to escape into the night. Warm tones, natural woods, and feather beds makes for the perfect immersion into the local surroundings. The second floor rooms have incredible views as well and one of my favorites parts for when I stayed.

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The Brewery Gulch Inn on the Mendocino coast is an invitation to immerse yourself in the local community of redwoods and to sit back and take in the ocean view you came all the way for. The stay is warm, it feels local, and can hold the keys to an escape into the local adventures or even a vacation oceanside.

Mendocino Hotels: The Brewery Gulch Inn Review

Bon Traveler’s Tips For Staying at the Brewery Gulch Inn

  • Book a room with a patio like the Pelican or the Raven
  • Indulge in the complimentary “light dinner buffet” that is far from light or buffet like (think exquisite and refined)
  • Breakfast is amazing and not to be missed.
  • Use the concierge services before arrival for local’s tips and to book any excursions
  • Be sure to check this travel guide before visiting.

Get in touch

Brewery Gulch Inn
9401 North Highway One, Mendocino, California, United States
Call 707 937-4752  or book online at http://www.brewerygulchinn.com/

Mendocino Hotels: The Brewery Gulch Inn Review

Mendocino Hotels: The Brewery Gulch Inn Review

Mendocino Hotels: The Brewery Gulch Inn Review

*All photos taken by the talented Sarah Gerber of Twenty Twenty Studios 
*Bon Traveler was welcomed as a guest of the Brewery Gulch Inn. As always, all opinions are own.

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