If you’re looking for the best Rhine River cruise in Europe, look no further. After setting sail three times with Viking River Cruises, I’m completely sold that they’ve got a special formula to sailing in Europe.

The Best Rhine River Cruise in Europe

High attention to detail, their Rhine River Cruises are incredibly well done. Each itinerary is carefully selected, highlighting many of the gems on the Rhine River. I set sail on their “Rhine Getaway” which started in Amsterdam and made its way to Basel. I returned home with an admiration for river cruising in Europe and a new found love for this style of travel.

The Best Rhine River Cruise in Europe

Why Viking River Cruises?

First off, I want to share a bit of why I love Viking River Cruises. It’s elevated but not over the top. This is my favorite part — you are in a well-organized cruise yet they don’t go overboard with it. It’s the right amount of hands on and it means you get to enjoy what you’re seeing and still feel in control. I think that was my biggest misperception of river cruises.

It’s boutique and intimate. With a small amount of cabins, it starts to feel like a family, in a good way. Usually around 190 guests onboard, it means it’s not overcrowded and you’ll get to know most by the end of the trip.

The food is actually good. Who would have thought the cruising food could be as good as it is on Viking River Cruises? I’ve been impressed each time with just how great the food is. This post goes more into why to take a Viking River Cruise.

The Best Rhine River Cruise in Europe

What to expect onboard a Viking River Cruises?

Expect a good balance of down time, time to explore, and meals. The schedule is well thought out and it gives you ample time to explore and enjoy a vacation. Onboard, the boat is very modern and clean — I love the choice of bright materials and a ton of windows for natural light.

This post goes more into what you can expect on a Viking River Cruise.

The Best Rhine River Cruise in Europe

Where do Rhine River Cruises stop?

It entirely depends on which itinerary you choose! Most will begin in the north and go through to Basel. A lot of the stops of the Rhine River Cruise are in Germany as well and often start in Amsterdam like mine. Here are 6 adorable towns I saw on my Rhine River Cruise.

The Best Rhine River Cruise in Europe

Here’s some sample itineraries of Viking Rhine River Cruises:

What to wear on a Rhine River Cruise?

I always suggest packing a range of clothing for time exploring to meals. The best part of Viking River is you’ll see a range of dress for meals. No blue jeans at meals, but nice black jeans and a blouse to a dress goes. During the day, good walking shoes, a jacket pending the season, and casual clothing is perfect. This post goes more into what to pack for a Viking River Cruise.

The Best Rhine River Cruise in Europe

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The Best Rhine River Cruise in Europe


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    I so agree with you on taking a Viking Cruise. I call it the civilized way to cruise. We did the Rhine in July. The weather was perfect, our ship and crew were outstanding and always had our needs in mind. This was our 2nd but won’t be our last.

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    My husband and I were on the mid-August Rheine Viking cruise this year and we loved every minute and detail! We had to swap ships due to critically low water levels in one section of the river, but because of Viking’s efficiency and commitment to excellence, the swap was seamless.

    • Jessica Wright
      Jessica Wright Reply

      Ah so happy to hear you had a wonderful trip! I had to swap ships on one of mine too but it was absolutely seamless!

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