With the incredible response to last week’s Etsy round-up, I thought I’d do another weekend market find. This week is all about the French-inspired kitchen, with finds from Etsy.

20+ French-Inspired Kitchen Finds on Etsy

My mother was born in France and some of my earliest travel memories were visits back to be with family. I grew up with a lot of these items, mostly at my grandmother’s home. They are kitchen items that I didn’t really think twice about until I got older and picked out a few for my own home. My grandmother always has a stack of linen tea towels in the cabinets. Drawers are filled with wooden knives from the 1930s and bread knives that are only really found in France today.

It’s all of these early memories that I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from. I think what I love about the French kitchen most is that the items are built to last. One tool can last a lifetime if made well and made of good material. My grandmother’s kitchen is proof of that — I’ve still yet to find a better pairing knife than hers that she has had for 40+ years. The French kitchen is built on the principle that good things take time, no gadgets for magically peeling or coring an apple, just the staples.

So this is what this round-up is all about. A French-inspired kitchen, items that will hopefully last you for the long haul. And just as equally important, items that are beautiful and add an element of joy to your kitchen.

20+ French-Inspired Kitchen Finds on Etsy


It’s a must in any French kitchen. Keep a stack of linen towels, always. I’m a huge fan of the linen apron, like the crossed back version below.

Breadboards + Other Wooden Items

One of the easiest ways to add functional charm in the kitchen is with breadboards. Why? Because they stack beautifully on a counter, and you can actually use them for serving or prepping. Other items below include the baguette and dough bowls, which I envision for maybe holding fruit (that’s what I use mine for!). And how about those wooden spoons? One of my favorite kitchen staples.


The French crock is arguably one of my favorite items in my kitchen. It sits right of my stove-top and is filled with all of my spoons and spatulas. The other two notable items I found while browsing was the mortars. If there ever be a need to spend a lot on a beautiful item in the kitchen, it’s these two. I’m seriously eying that stone one for my kitchen.

Copper Finds

Copper is a tricky and yet well-loved item in the kitchen in France. The material gives way to a wonderful patina over time and it lasts forever (very durable). For those who don’t love a well-worn item, copper will be a headache. So if you’re looking for something that will etch your cooking history into it, it’s certainly this.

Storage Canisters

Love these for on the counter in a kitchen.

Wired Finds

Baskets, bottle holders, and more!

Glass Jars

Other Accessories

Some items that just grabbed my attention, because wow, that vintage rack below would add a lot to a kitchen!

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20+ French-Inspired Kitchen Finds on Etsy

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