It has been a while since I’ve shared a roundup of Etsy finds. So I’m kicking off a new roundup and this one is all about a summer French table setting. Scouring Etsy and all of the jewels that are on there, I’m sharing some of my favorite vintage finds to spruce up your dinner table.

For inspiration, I went back to my roots and summers spent in France around the dining table. There is nothing more inviting than an effortless dining table with chic touches like vintage glassware and cutlery. So for those who will be eating outdoors this summer, there are some chic additions to your table settings below.

The Weekend Market: 20+ Summer French Table Setting Finds on Etsy

One thing that I love about a French table setting is the combination of the old and new. The wrinkled linens and crisp white plates. The heritage pieces that are often passed down through generations more often than not end up on the table. It’s all of it combined that presents a beautiful setting for guests to enjoy.

With shipping from Europe more open now, it’s easier than ever to get some rare antiques from France!

20+ French Table Setting Finds on Etsy


Add an effortless linen tablecloth to your table this summer and pair with a relaxed linen napkin.

Vintage Glassware

There are so many incredible vintage finds for glassware, like champagne coupes and rose-colored glasses. When it comes to water glasses, my vote is for Duralex which is made in France. You don’t have to buy those pieces vintage, and can find the short ones here and the taller options here.

Vintage Flatware

A French home staple label will always be Laguiole. You may recognize the label as the little bee on the knife or fork. Prized for their quality and longstanding heritage, they are readily available everywhere. These days, reproductions can be found as well. My favorites are the ones that have bone handles to add a rustic touch. Another classic touch for French flatware is the stainless steel forks and knives — they get a great patina over the years.

Servingware: Utensils, Platters, and Other Unique Finds

I remember clearly something unique about dining in France at our family’s home. There was almost never a label on the table. What I mean by this is the mustard bottle was never set on the table, but rather mustard was spooned into a bowl to presented. What this meant was countless bowls and objects to hold things, which is a beautiful presentation for guests. French dining is also known for their Ironstone, and the vendor below has some incredible vintage pieces sourced from France.

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The Weekend Market: 20+ Summer French Table Setting Finds on Etsy

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