Could we possibly pack one more thing? With a toddler, yes! This is my master list of all of the essentials you could need for toddler travel. It’s everything from what we use for flying to road trips, plus some of the other essentials like for a beach trip.

I personally like to keep things to a minimum when traveling with our toddler (as much as possible). So each trip I have a good think about what we may need on the ground and what will help us get there. There are a few things that I have with me on almost every single trip, things like our baby carrier, compact stroller, and a good sound machine.

As she grows and as we test out new gear, I will be sure to add it to this list and keep it up to date. I know we will outgrow a few things but these are all really staple items to use for a few years. Traveling with a toddler does not have to be super complicated, so I try to keep that in mind. After overpacking on a few trips, I learned my lesson fast on how to edit down.

This is my toddler travel gear essentials list!

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My Toddler Travel Essential Gear List

My Toddler Travel Essential Gear List


The big gear:
Our Lightweight Car seat (FAA-Approved and <$50)
Car seat Airplane Bag (if you plan to check your car seat)
Compact Stroller (fits in the overhead of planes)
Caraa Baby travel backpack (I use the smaller size for domestic, the larger for international)
Portable High Chair Harness for Seats (great for destinations that don’t have high chairs like France)
Artipoppe Baby Carrier (this is worth every penny. This carrier is with us on every single trip, we use it for the plane a lot and when we’re on the go for naps.)

Portable Sound Machine
Leakproof bento box
Travel Water bottle
Disposable placemats (we use these for restaurants frequently)
Collapsible snack cup
Sanitizing Honest hand wipes

Travel Toys (we always have the tablet + a few toys):
Wireless kids’ headphones 
Amazon Fire Kids tablet
Tegu Pocket Pouch Magnetic Wooden Block Set
Simple Sensory Toys Silicone Fidget Toy Stress
Crinkle Book
Suction Cup Spinner Toy
Silicone Pull String Activity Toy
Busy Board Montessori Toy

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Guava Pack & Play (we always have this if we don’t plan to use a hotel crib)
Slumberpod Blackout Tent (great if sharing a hotel room and your suitcase has the space for it)
Portable Blackout Window Shade (much more affordable, great if the baby is in a room with a single window)
Pack & Play extra sheets (I pack these if using a hotel pack & play)
Mini Flexible Fan (we use this in the summer months and on the stroller)
Baby Monitor No WiFi Needed (super helpful at hotels, networks are hard to connect to with monitors)
Hatch Sound Machine (if I have the room in our suitcase, I toss this in. If not, we use the portable one listed above)


*We use most of the same gear listed in the above sections

Car Window Shades with UV Protection
Willow Breast Pump (convenient for car trips)
Attaching Table High Chair (use this a lot when on the go and not flying)

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Foldable Baby Booster Seat
Fold Flat Beach Tent
Collapsible Beach Bucket + Toys

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My Toddler Travel Essential Gear List

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