It wasn’t until I heard over the speakers, “now boarding flight 64 to Lisbon” that I remembered I was in an airport. United’s newly redesigned Terminal C at Newark Liberty International is that good. 

Redefining the airport experience, United Airlines partnered with OTG Management to provide passengers with an on-ground experience to remember. With a thoughtful blend of technology and design, OTG seamlessly marries convenience and comfort.

As I moved past security, the first thing that caught my eye was how bright the space was. With large windows and natural lighting, the terminal is welcoming and stocked with everything one could want at an airport. Walking through the hall of perfectly outfitted restaurants and bars, the notion of an “airport restaurant” disappeared. These aren’t your typical weary, turn-and-burn kind of places. They’re authentically themed and tastefully designed. For instance, the marble countertops at the newly opened Proof Whiskey Bar seamlessly transport you into the throws of a happening New York City lounge.

And the food? Don’t worry, nothing went overlooked. With the collaboration from renown chefs like Chef Josh Capon and Chef Mario Carbone, the menus are done with craft and care. The Happy Clam by Chef Mario Carbone serves seafood inspired dishes, that taste as fresh as they look. 

As you walk through the terminal, it’s hard not to wonder if you might have found your way into a terminal-sized Apple Store. Hundreds of iPads dotted throughout the space are bringing the experience up yet another notch. Paired with docking stations and outlets, each iPad is designed to provide a multitude of services. For example, with a few quick taps you can order a magazine or food right to your seat — yes, meals brought to your seat. No more needing to worry about getting from your dinner to your flight or trying to track down something to help pass the time. It’s truly brilliant.

After testing out the terminal, I really wouldn’t have minded spending a bit more time there. I felt like I was discovering a whole new city — except this time it was Terminal C at Newark. Nonetheless, it was time to board flight 64 to Lisbon onboard United for what would prove to be another comforting travel memory. 

*Bon Traveler was welcomed as a guest of United Airlines. As always, all my opinions are my own.

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