This past month, I had an opportunity to fly Turkish Airlines from San Francisco to Istanbul and then onto Malta. I was beyond excited to fly Turkish Airlines for the first time and with flying being one of my favorite parts of travel, I could not wait to board my flight. 

At the gate I received a last minute upgrade to business class — I couldn’t believe it. It was one of the best experiences in airlines I’ve had onboard, with great amenities, food, and comfort.

What to expect on board Turkish Airlines Business Class:

The Service
It’s safe to say a smile and a warm welcome go a long way, and Turkish Airlines knows how to greet. From the minute you are on board, every detail is taken care of. With an incredibly helpful crew, I was amazed by the detail of service. The friendliness and warmth makes the process of flying that much better. 

The Food
Airplane food tends to swing one way or another — either amazing or horrible. Turkish Airlines presented an opportunity to dine unlike any other. With multiple courses, an amazing wine selection, and great flavors, the food was incredibly good. My favorite was the mezze cart that came through with different Turkish plates, making for a great opportunity to try some classics before landing. At the end of the meal, the Turkish desserts like baklava and other pastries come out for the perfect end to a wonderful meal.

The Amenities
When you sit down in your seat, you’re given an amenities case that includes essentials like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and more. A pair of slippers are available, and then the best part: a pair of studio-quality headphones are given to you to use for the flight. These headphones make the in-flight entertainment that much more enjoyable. With a wide selection of movies and television shows, it feels like a home theatre. 

The Seat
Whether you choose to recline back like a Lazy Boy chair or go to a fully flat bed, the seat is incredibly comfortable. There’s plugs to charge your devices, so you can show up with a full charge. A massage option is also available on the chair to ensure maximum relaxation. 

Overall, flying with Turkish Airlines is incredibly comfortable and luxurious. Upon arrival at Istanbul Atatürk Airport, the business lounge was the perfect spot to hang out while waiting for my next flight. The two-story lounge had amenities like showers, multiple foot options, a theatre, and beautiful lounge to hang out in. 

Thank you to Turkish Airlines for a wonderful flying experience!

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    Wow! I flew Turkish in economy last year between New York and Istanbul on my way to Basel and also got the little amenities package! Not gonna lie, the slippers made a huge difference on the flight, so comfy! 🙂 xVictoria

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