After living in Sacramento now for a year, we’ve been eating our way down the restaurant list. These 20 best restaurants in Sacramento, California have become our go-to’s for food in the city on a night out. Sacramento, California has a wonderful food scene, which every year has grown as the city keeps changing.

20 Best Restaurants in Sacramento, California

There are a few things I love about dining in Sacramento. There is such a wide range of cuisine from amazing fried chicken to sushi. We tend to stick to our favorites but have been branching out over the last few months. A lot of these Sacramento restaurants are in the heart of downtown, so even if you’re passing by the region, you can quickly stop in for a bite.

With many neighborhoods, from Old Sacramento to Midtown, these are the best restaurants in Sacramento to check out for your next meal out.

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20 Best Restaurants in Sacramento, California

1. Kru Sushi

This was one of my first introductions in the Sacramento restaurant scene and I was so excited that Kru is here. It’s our go-to for sushi in the city, definitely an upscale experience. They have a wonderful happy hour as well when the dining room is open. So sometimes we will pop in just for that or do take-out as well when we want to be at home.

2. Pangea Bier Garden

I may be biased since Pangea is down the street from our house, but this our favorite fried chicken sandwich in the city. I’ve gone through almost the entire menu in the last year and every single dish has been amazing. This is where I bring all of my out of town guests for a meal.

20 Best Restaurants in Sacramento, California
image via Masullo

3. Masullo Pizza

Over in Land Park is our favorite thin-crust pizza. Masullo serves up some of incredible pizza fresh out of their oven. I love the Elisa and be sure to check out their wine menu which often has a weekly discount!

4. Localis

In Midtown, Localis is one of the best upscale dining experiences in the city. Their wine bar sits overlooking the open kitchen which is one of my favorite parts of dining here. The food is really fresh and focused on locally sourced items here in California.

5. Canon

One of the few restaurants we haven’t been to is Canon. All of our friends have been and really love their diverse menu, so this is first on our list to dine at. They’re known as a neighborhood tavern in East Sacramento that is refined.

20 Best Restaurants in Sacramento, California
image via The Kitchen

6. The Kitchen Restaurant

Arguably one of the best restaurants in Sacramento, The Kitchen is the only in the area to have been awarded a Michelin-star. The menu is prix fixe and changes seasonally.

7. Kodaiko Ramen & Bar

Right in Downtown, Kodaiko opened up this last year and serves our favorite ramen. We love a rich broth, and their bowls of ramen do not disappoint.

8. Magpie Cafe

Near Capitol Park, we’ve been going to Magpie Cafe on and off for years. It’s a Sacramento classic and a solid bite.

9. Tower Cafe

It took me forever to get to this cafe mostly since the line is always so long, be sure to go mid-week. So once I made it, I understood why everyone loves this brunch spot. French toast is a must.

10. South

If fried chicken is your thing, come here for the dinner plate served with biscuits and collard greens. One of our favorites for southern classics.

11. Fox & Goose Public House

The public house is a classic over near R Street Corridor, known for being a traditional English pub.

12. Frank Fat’s

Over by the Convention Center, Frank Fat’s is one of the oldest restaurants in Sacramento. It is Chinese cuisine and it’s also a solid option for delivery here in the city.

13. Binchoyaki Izakaya Dining

This Japanese restaurant serves up classic dishes from Japan and they’re well known for their spicy tuna on crispy rice.

20 Best Restaurants in Sacramento, California

14. Beast + Bounty

One of the trendier restaurants to open up in Sacramento is Beast + Bounty. Their menu is seasonal with fresh eats, also featuring great wine at night and coffee at brunch. I personally love their brunch pizza (a must-order).

15. Pushkin’s Restaurant

The food at Pushkin’s is some of our favorite on the weekend for their breakfast sandwiches and baked goods.

16. Gunther’s Ice Cream

I had to include this classic ice cream spot. Gunther’s has been here for years and I love their fruit freezes.

17. Hawk’s Public House

This chic gastropub serves American classics and has a great happy hour.

18. Quán Nem Ninh Hòa Restaurant

One of those Sacramento restaurants that often gets overlooked is this Vietnamese spot. The food here is one of our favorites in the area, located in southern Sacramento. Get the “make it yourself” spring rolls!

19. Chando’s Tacos

For Mexican food, Chando’s Tacos is one of the highest-rated in the area. It’s Mexican street food and serves Tijuana-style food.

image via Saigon Alley

20. Saigon Alley Kitchen + Bar

One of the newer restaurants this year that opened up is Saigon Alley. It is a Vietnamese spot that has classic dishes and great pho.

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20 Best Restaurants in Sacramento, California


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    hi! i like your blog – great travel tips and pics, thank you!! we also live in sacramento – your list of restaurants is spot on. if you have not yet been to Allora in East Sac, it is a can’t-miss spot and one of our favorites.

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