In Northern California, Sacramento is home to incredible coffee shops. These best coffee shops in Sacramento are the perfect place to grab coffee-to-go. Sacramento has now been my home for six months, so after exploring all of the coffee shops, I wanted to share my personal list.

A Guide to The Best Coffee Shops in Sacramento

There are a few things I love about living in Sacramento. The first is how easy it is to navigate the city. Laid out as a grid, you can walk between the downtown neighborhoods or even hop on a JumpBike. The city is lined with trees and there are a true four seasons!

Sacramento is home to many coffee shops, roasters, and restaurants that serve coffee. I know many people pass through on the weekend on the way to Tahoe and there’s plenty of reasons to stop in for the day. Coffee is definitely one of them. Sacramento is always welcoming new coffee shops, so I’ll be sure to keep adding those to the list!

The Best Coffee Shops in Sacramento

Google Map for Coffee Shops

Use this saved Google Maps to see where all of the coffee shops are located in Sacramento!

New Coffee Shop 2021: Scorpio Coffee

We are so excited to have Scorpio Coffee here in Sacramento for numerous reasons! It’s incredibly refined and reminds me so much of the coffee shops we love in Tokyo and Kyoto. The Japanese-inspired menu and smooth espresso pours are wonderful. The design in the space is serene and features a small parklet as well. One thing you can’t miss is the toast on Japanese milk bread — seriously delicious and changes seasonally.

Location: 1905 16th St, Sacramento, CA 95811

New Coffee Shop 2021: Mast Coffee

This is our newest coffee shop in Sacramento and right near our neighborhood! Mast Coffee opened up in a beautiful brick building and love how the cafe is inviting. There are a few outdoor tables to use as well. They roast their own beans and is what you’ll find on the menu. One other highlight is the pastry box is all done by Faria, our favorite bakery in town. There is a food menu with a few toast options and even a Spanish patata.

Location: 2421 17th St, Sacramento, CA 95818

A Guide to The Best Coffee Shops in Sacramento

1. Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

Right near our neighborhood of Curtis Park, is our local coffee shop go-to. Chocolate Fish Coffee is one of our favorites (they have other locations as well!) for a cup to go. On the weekends, we often stop here and grab donuts at Marie’s next door.

Location 1 Address: 4749 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95819
Location 2 Address: 2940 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95818

2. Temple Coffee Roasters

This is the tried and true third wave coffee of Sacramento. I actually went here in high school for coffee so it’s exciting to see how much it has expanded. Temple Coffee has multiple locations in downtown Sacramento. My favorite is the one in Midtown on 22nd & K Street and the newest location on 16th street not too far from Capitol Park. If you don’t live locally, they also have a coffee club that delivers beans across the United States to your doorstep!

Location 1 Address: 1615 16th St, Sacramento, CA 95814
Location 2 Address: 1010 9th St, Sacramento, CA 95814
Location 3 Address: 2200 K St, Sacramento, CA 95816
Location 4 Address: 2829 S St, Sacramento, CA 95816
Location 5 Address: 4201 H St, Sacramento, CA 95819
Location 6 Address: 2600 Fair Oaks Blvd #101, Sacramento, CA 95864

A Guide to The Best Coffee Shops in Sacramento

3. The Mill

For a cozy place to hang out, head straight to the Mill. I love their coffee roasts here and their tea selection for when I need to switch it up. The Mill reminds me a lot of my favorite San Francisco cafe I’d go to, so I love coming here. The space is so bright and lovely, and will often meet friends here. They also serve a light breakfast menu, be sure to try the waffles at their Elvas Avenue Cafe location!

Location 1 Address: 1827 I St, Sacramento, CA 95811
Location 2 Address: 6423 Elvas Ave, Sacramento, CA 95819

4. Insight Coffee Roasters

Insight Coffee is all about sourcing organic beans and that’s what they serve best here. I’d pop by for a cup of coffee when you’re in midtown.

Address: 1901 8th St, Sacramento, CA 95811

5. Milka Coffee Roasters

One of the newer coffee shops to open up in downtown Sacramento is Milka. Inside a beautiful white Victorian home, a spacious coffee shop is a great option if you’re looking for a quiet space to hang out. Their terrace is also awesome during the warmer months.

Address: 1501 G St, Sacramento, CA 95814

6. Scorpio Coffee

I am very excited about this Japanese-style coffee shop to open up in Midtown. It’s a clean and modern space and their focus on slow and good coffee is amazing. They also offer a small food menu, with seasonal toasts and pastries.

Address: 1905 16th St, Sacramento, CA 95811

7. Camellia Coffee Roasters

This is a fun coffee shop located in the “R Street Corridor” inside a marketplace. I head here pretty often with my friends when we are strolling through the area.

Address: 1104 R St STE 150, Sacramento, CA 95811

A Guide to The Best Coffee Shops in Sacramento

8. Pachamama Coffee

What Pachamama is doing is quite different in that their business focuses on being socially conscious in where they source the beans. Their business is owned by a global community of farmers (a lot in South America) with sustainability at the heart of it. There are two convenient locations, one in East Sacramento and another in Midtown.

Location 1 Address: 919 20th St, Sacramento, CA 95811
Location 2 Address: 3644 J St, Sacramento, CA 95816

A Guide to The Best Coffee Shops in Sacramento

9. Goodside Coffee

Another local coffee house has recently opened near downtown. Goodside Coffee has a large space to hang out for the afternoon and I love the minimal design. They serve everything from cappuccinos to drip.

Address: 1430 H St, Sacramento, CA 95814

10. Identity Coffees

This warehouse building is home to Identity Coffees and in the heart of Midtown. They also opened up Simpleton which is in Boulevard Park and focuses on southern breakfasts like biscuits. The warehouse at Identity Coffee is expansive and they have picnic tables out front to enjoy.

Address: 1430 28th St #6405, Sacramento, CA 95816

11. Old Soul Co.

A local coffee shop that has been here for a long time, I love coming for their sandwiches. It’s a classic Sacramento establishment where you can order food with coffee. Their several locations across the city are in Downtown, Midtown, and Oak Park.

Location 1 Address: Rear Alley, 1716 L St, Sacramento, CA 95811
Location 2 Address: 3434 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95817
Location 3 Address: 812 21st St, Sacramento, CA 95811
Location 4 Address: 555 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, CA 95814

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A Guide to The Best Coffee Shops in Sacramento

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