As the weather starts getting warm, we’ve found ourselves itching to spend more time in the backyard. When we moved in last year, it was the one space of the house we didn’t touch during the renovation. The backyard was finished but there were a few personal touches we wanted to add.

Backyard Inspiration: A Cozy and Refined Patio

So as we’re making a few changes in the landscape and adding some furniture, I wanted to share an inspiration post on what we’re thinking. Later this month, we will do a big reveal of the before and after so you can see the changes we made.

Backyard Inspiration: A Cozy and Refined Patio

Our first inclination with the backyard was utilizing the patio as an extra living space. We envisioned a place that could serve as a second living room, just only outside. Being in the heart of Sacramento where the weather allows us to be outdoors the majority of the year, we knew the patio needed to be functional.

We’re drawing a lot of inspiration from our travels, looking at Airbnbs and homes we’ve stayed at and loved. The two places we’re drawing the most inspiration from is River Cabaan in Oregon and Camellas-Lloret in Southern France. Our hopes are to make the backyard somewhere that is cozy, with warm hues and billowy cushions to settle into. Of course, a fire pit always does the trick to make it even cozier. With that in mind, we want it to feel refined and an extension of the inside of our home. The furniture we have inside our house has clean lines and feels modern yet rustic.

So as we draw inspiration from these two places, here’s a few things we loved about each:

River Cabaan

What we loved about the backyard:

  • A communal area to gather.
  • The rustic firepit with spaces to sit.
  • Natural landscaping that was true to the area.


What we loved about the backyard:

  • A long dining table to eat with friends and family.
  • Spaces to cuddle up and read a book.
  • Tons of greenery that filled in the corners.
  • Rustic pottery with lots of blooming flowers.

Outdoor Furniture Inspiration

As I start to look for furniture for the outdoors (we’ve already got our dining table), here are a few pieces I’m eyeing:

Lounge Chairs

Outdoor Sectionals

Fire Pits

Other Accessories

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Backyard Inspiration: A Cozy and Refined Patio

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