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Looking for essentials to refresh your home office? These items are designed to get you organized and moving. Working from home has its challenges, so I am constantly looking for ways to optimize my space. One of my major goals for this year is to be mindful of my time and be more organized.

When it comes to creating a home office that works for you, my first tip is to refresh it yourself. A few changes can help the space feel all that much brighter and cleaner to work in. Earlier this year, I dreamt up my ultimate home office and now I’m looking for ways to optimize.

These essentials to refresh your home office setup will get you going in no time. I love to combine both function and style with thoughtful pieces. Take a look at ways to get your home office refresh in no time.

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The Essentials For the Functional and Stylish Home Office

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1. Declutter Your Home Office First

One of the first things to do when reconsidering your home office is to get rid of clutter. A quick “is this necessary?” run-through of what is at your desk will help you decide if it serves you. I know I tend to stack up mail and other items that I don’t use at all while working.

I like to keep my desk a combination of useful + inspirational. So I choose items that both inspire me and are functional. Perhaps it’s a piece of art or magazine cover that I love, and then more functional items like a desk lamp and organizing trays.

2. Get Comfortable

It may be time to upgrade your desk chair if you haven’t in a while. I noticed a few years ago I was having pretty bad back pain and needed an upgrade. Investing in a desk chair can be a mix of both comfort and style, so I’d recommend choosing what works best for you.

I actually work between two desk chairs. Years ago we invested in a Herman Miller that we found secondhand and still cost several hundred dollars. And then I also love our dining chairs so I often work on those too. They have some flex in them and give great support.

A few of the top rated desks for style and comfort:

3. Get Organized

After you’ve decluttered, it’s time to find everything a home. If you’ve seen Marie Kondo’s show, you’ll know trays and boxes will be your best friend for organizing a space. I like to keep a few trays for loose papers and then I stack my journals/calendars together in a corner.

Here are a few of the top decluttering items to store loose ends and essentials:

desk essentials

4. Create Better Lighting

We have a very small pendant light in the office I work in at home which means during winter months, lighting becomes an issue. Natural light dies down and eventually, I need to turn on a desk lamp. Having this extra light softens the harshness of looking at my screen. For better lighting, it’s good to have indirect light instead of working right under the light. So you can do this by creating ambient lighting through corner lights and desk lamps that are placed in a corner.

When it comes to “task lighting” like a desk lamp, here are a few options for a style and function:

5. Make It Yours

Adding a little bit of you to your space is always important. I try to add decor pieces that inspire me or remind of a positive memory. On my desk currently I have a art piece I picked up in Puerto Rico, a vintage camera, a succulent, and a bowl of matches I’ve collected over my travels. They’re little items but each of them remind me of something.

On the wall, I’m planning on hanging one of my print that I have from my travels. To the right of my desk, I have my favorite hats and a stack of books and magazines that I love.

I always love to burn a candle, my favorite is Le Labo Santal 26. If you’re looking for art, check out these travel prints as well to create an inspiring space.

10 Essentials to Refresh Your Home Office

6. Get Tech-Savvy

A few thoughtful ways to get your space “working” for you is to upgrade some of the tech. There are a few items that you can add to help functionality and streamline your day at home working. Here are a few to consider:

7. Choose Paper Products For Creativity & Organization

Though we’ve adopted a lot of tools for organizing our thoughts and calendar digitally, there is still a use for paper products. Every year I invest in three notebooks: 1) a weekly calendar, 2) creativity journal, 3) general notepad. I have these three on my desk at all times.

My number one purchase for this year was this customizable weekly Papier Planner. And I LOVE IT. It’s beautiful and functional for organizing my weekly and monthly tasks. Papier has some wonderful stationery items for the desk, so if I’d give the site a browse.

For other journals and paper pads, my go-to is the Japanese company Midori Way. I buy a no ruled line notebook and a horizontal ruled line notebook.

I’m also a sucker for stickers and the Japanese tape called “washi.” I use both to decorate and organize inside my journals. Plus, the extra pop of color makes me happy.

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7 Essentials to Refresh Your Home Office

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