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After several requests for where we purchased our furniture, I’m putting together our master list for the ENTIRE home. This includes key furniture pieces to other items we invested in for the house.

When we moved into the Mindful Maison this summer, we only showed up with a queen-sized bed and two chests of drawers. We had sold everything a few years back when we moved in with my grandmother for a short stint, so we had to furnish our home almost entirely from scratch. It was painful to furnish an entire home from the beginning, but we took our time (over six months) to do so.

Our Home: Where We Bought Our Furniture (Master List)

Everything is pretty much all set for the big pieces, though there are still a few gaps, like art and some accessories, that we are slowly adding. Here’s the full list with links to everything!

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Our Home: Where We Bought Our Furniture (Master List)

Dining Room

This room was the first we decided to furnish out and for me was the clearest. I knew exactly what I wanted in this room and ordered the furniture straight away! Here’s the list:

Dining Table

Bok Oak Table 55″ in natural oak (also available here). This is an investment piece but what I love is that it’s 100% wood. This one will last a long time. I do wish I’d order one size bigger to better accommodate 6 people.

Dining Chairs

Breuer Cesca Chair in Black (if no longer available, here’s the natural option). I’ve been obsessed with these chairs for a long time and knew these were the ones. They’re expensive, especially if you invest in originals. However, you can get the chairs from the factory that was one of the original factories that made them. We bought ours on Amazon (way cheaper than France & Son) and chose to assemble ourselves to save money. NEW SOURCES: Now available via Bed Bath and Beyond. Find them in black here and natural here.

Ceiling Light

Vega Light from CB2 is no longer available. The Marra Light from CB2 is very similar.

Antique Bench from China

Etsy purchase. I sourced so much from this vendor on Etsy. He was incredible. Fast shipping, great communication, and some incredible antiques. He still has a few benches left, like this one, this one, and this one.

Wall Art

Piece by Satsuki Shibuya. Travis purchased this as a surprise gift for the new home the minute we closed. I love Satsuki’s art so much and have been a longtime fan. Tappan Collective is a great source for art as well.


Antique Willy Guhl via Love House NY. One of our investment art pieces in the home, I was obsessed with Willy Guhl’s work when my cousin behind Love House introduced me. He was able to source this one and I absolutely adore having it in our home.

Other Accessories

On the Table

Living Room

Master Home

This room took a bit longer to decide on but overall love how it came together. Here’s the list:

Window Shades

Arlo Bamboo Window Shade on Amazon in Tuscan. These are the shades throughout the house!


Sixpenny Couch, 72″ Neva in Cotton Linen, color is Pacific Pearl with feather down. That’s a mouthful of words, but all the details for the couch. We saw tons of ads for Sixpenny and bit the bullet as it was shippable and such a great price point. We love it, and I wouldn’t change a single thing about this couch. Plus, all the covers come off and can be washed or replaced.

Coffee Table

Monolith Marble Drum Coffee Table. I still go back and forth on this purchase. Ultimately, it has grown on me, and with the white furniture, it does well.

Side Chairs

Astor Faux Fur Chairs in White. We love these two chairs. Low to the ground, they’re incredibly comfortable to sit in and the cats also adore them. And yes, we bought them randomly on Neiman Marcus when they had a sale and were cheaper than other outlets.

On the Fireplace Mantel: Mirror

Josephine mirror via Anthropologie is no longer available. The Mila Mirror via Anthropologie is very similar. This one can be hung or leaned up against the wall. Light is the Menu Reverse Table Lamp and the U candle is by Glaze.


Turkish rug via Etsy. I struggle with rugs as most are so incredibly expensive. We have cats and I was nervous to invest in a nice one at the moment. This vendor on Etsy had great prices and shipped fast. I love the look of the patina on it as well. This blog post has 20 Turkish Rugs under $200.

Air Purifier

Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0. It’s a game changer for cleaning the air, and I’m so glad we invested in this for the home. It’s so intuitive that even blowing out a candle recognizes the extra toxins in the air and turns up a notch to clean.


We custom-made these ourselves for under $100. This blog post has a full guide for how to recreate it. For the items on there, it’s a collection of art from over the years. I sourced a lot of vessels from Etsy. This blog post talks about my favorite vendors.

Niches: Candle Holders

These are the iron candleholders pictured below.

Other Accessories

Favorite Coffee Table Books

Entry Wall

We’ve done a few iterations of this entry wall. The first one pictured above is a collaboration with one of our favorite small shops called Loom & Kiln. The owner, Hannah, curates vintage and antique pieces found around the world (she is known for her incredible Moroccan rug collection!). I curated 4 pieces (what you see on the wall + pillow) to put together a sculptural entrance to the home. A lot of these are one of a kind so here are some similar pieces from the shop:

Underneath, is a bench from the same source on Etsy (browse the shop for more) that we got the rest of our antique elmwood benches and stools. I added a few books plus a copper bowl I sourced at an antique store in Idaho.

Updated Entry Wall

The entry wall now looks like this below. I’ve moved the other items previously there around the house. We switched out the sconce for an Anglepoise Type 80 and found this delicate French oil painting on Etsy from this seller

Bistro Room

One of our favorite rooms in the home!


Marble French Bistro Table via World Market. This one was a steal (much cheaper than the Pottery Barn one) and works perfectly for the two of us. Similar option via Amazon.


Antique, No. 14 Thonet sourced via Etsy. The “great hunt” as Travis jokes about these chairs. I’ve eyed Thonet cane chairs for years, and got really into the history of these, searching for almost three months. Originals are incredibly expensive, but there are factories that produced for Thonet that don’t have the mark but the exact same build and era. I managed to find a seller here in the US who sourced some from the mid-’50s from Romania from one of the production factories. A few sources for similar bistro chairs:


It’s a vintage green French enamel pendant that I sourced on Etsy and then found someone to do the lighting. A lot of sellers on Etsy make ones that you don’t have to put together (which I recommend doing as it’s easier). This one and this one are very similar.

Hallway Vignette

One of the newer parts of our home that we finished is this hallway wall. The inspiration was darker tones and depth that drew the eye in but didn’t take up too much space. 

We ended up with this:


Though this blog post on our kitchen reveal showcases a much more in-depth story, I’ll link a few key pieces below:

On the Shelves

Favorite Pots and Pans

Sink, Hardware, and Appliances

Master Bedroom

We went with a very minimal color palette as we wanted to room to feel as peaceful as possible.

Bed Frame

CB2 whitewashed frame. We wanted something minimal and love how this one hides away with the duvet.


Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress. Another one of those influenced by ads purchase. Adore this mattress and the price point is sweet.


All Parachute Home. We love Parachute’s linen line. The effortless look and more crinkled feeling feel so cozy. We have the duvet and sheets in “Bone”.


Old CB2. We bought this quite a while ago. It still comes in a 3-drawer version. A few similar styles: via Overstock, and another Overstock.

Side Tables

Etsy purchase. This is from the same vendor as the rest of the wooden pieces in the home. We like the minimal feeling of the stools and forces us not to have a ton of stuff clustered. He still has a few left!

Side Wall-Mounted Lamps

Flynn Sconce via Serena & Lily. These are great if you want ones that can plugin. The price is steep, so I’d wait for a sale on these ones, which is what we did.


Imported from Norway. Picked up this hide while in Norway this last year and the cats have come to adore it.

Guest Bedroom

All of the furniture is from our original master room in San Francisco and all from CB2. We are really happy with the quality of their products for the price point.

Bed Frame

CB2 Teak Frame.


All Parachute Home. Again all Parachute’s brushed cotten line, we have the duvet and sheets in “White”.

Side Tables

CB2 cement side tables.

Side Lamps

CB2 Arc black table lamp (Discontinued). This is a great alternative.

Console Table

CB2 no longer available, but here’s a similar option.

Corner Chair

From my grandfather.



You’ll find the full bathroom before and after details on this renovation blog post. Linking to a few key pieces here that are in that post as well.

Shower and Bath


Bath Linens Pictured from Parachute Home

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  1. Beautiful house!!
    Where did the blinds come from throughout the house. Sorry if I missed where you posted it.

  2. Thank you for posting these tips and resources! Your new home is so lovely. I just moved to a new home in Raliegh, NC, and am in the process of furnishing it from scratch, and learning from your experience has already helped so much. Wondering what shade your Amazon Arlo blinds are? There are multiple options to choose from and I love the color of yours! Thank you 🙂

    • Jessica Wright Reply

      Hey Coley! So happy you could benefit from it! The color of the shades is “Tuscan.” I’ll note that they’re very transparent if there is contrast in light, so keep that in mind!

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