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This 7-day Andalucía itinerary without a car is the best destinations to explore in southern Spain. I found myself loving the culture even more than last time, discovering a few new places.

Southern Spain is rich in culture — it feels a world away from northern Spain. With influences from the Moorish times, the architecture itself is noticeably different. The food is vibrant, influenced both by the sea and land. Its a part of Spain that has remained passionate, a place to experience the romance of small towns and adventure out into wildlands. 

The Ultimate 7 Day Andalucía Itinerary Without a Car

My first introduction to this fiery part of Spain was Seville. I was living in Barcelona at the time for a stint and found myself exploring the cobblestone roads for a long weekend. It was idyllic but left me wanting more — an opportunity to do a deeper dive. So this time, I returned with a thirst. I was determined to see more of Andalucía and did so without a car.

I came back for a week of solo travel, stopping in Córdoba, Granada, and Málaga. Tacking this on with my experience in Seville, I’ve put together what would be my ideal itinerary. It’s an itinerary designed to be a bit slower, giving time to savor each destination. 

So here’s a look at the ultimate 7-day Andalucía itinerary without a car.

The Ultimate 7 Day Andalucía Itinerary Without a Car

How to Get to Andalucía

If you’re coming from Spain like Barcelona, there are multiple flights that land in Seville or Málaga. Major airlines like Easy Jet, Vueling, British Airways and more offer flights within the EU from other major airports as well. 

The Ultimate 7 Day Andalucía Itinerary Without a Car

The Ultimate 7 Day Andalucía Itinerary Without a Car

Getting around Andalucía without a car

Since the whole point of the itinerary is to travel without a car, I’ve shared an entire guide on how to do so in Southern Spain. This guide breaks down everything you need to know for getting around. It gives the best routes, how to use the bus when to book trains and more.

It is so easy to travel to Andalucía without a car! You may not be able to get to all the smaller villages but you’ll certainly be able to see the major cities and towns along the way. Public transportation in Andalucía is really well built out. I know I found it intimidating to put together this trip at first when I knew I would not rent a car. After some deep diving and experiencing it firsthand, I’m so happy to report back how easy it was. 

Head to this blog post for a guide on how to get around Andalucía without a car.

The Ultimate 7 Day Andalucía Itinerary Without a Car

What to know before traveling to Andalucía

Time of year to travel: If you plan on a sunny vacation on the Costa del Sol or want to take advantage of ocean activities, the winter may be too cold. I’ll say the summer months here are incredibly crowded but it’s because the beaches are divine. I’d recommend coming on the shoulder seasons of April-May and September-November. I went in November and needed a proper coat, there was even snow on top of the Sierra Nevadas. 

Money: Most places will take credit card but it is important as well to carry Euros for smaller vendors.

Language: Spanish is the official language here. You will find that many speak English as well.  

Amount of time: Though this itinerary is designed for a week-long experience, you could easily spend two weeks in this region. There is a lot to discover here and I’m touching only on the highlights.

Andalucía Itinerary – 7 Day Itinerary

The Ultimate 7 Day Andalucía Itinerary Without a Car

The Ultimate 7 Day Andalucía Itinerary Without a Car

Seville: 2 Nights

Seville is a magical place to start a trip to Andalucía. The heart and capital city of the region, Seville is stunning to explore. Grabbing tapas at the historic and very bustling El Rinconcillo is a must. You’ll find a few gems that you’ll want to pre-book tickets for, like the Real Alcázar de Sevilla and largest Gothic Cathedral in the world, Catedral de Sevilla. 

Other highlights for me included walking around Plaza de Espana at sunrise and with no people. And of course, the dreamy Casa de Pilatos. 

Helpful guides:
The First-Timer’s Guide to Seville
10 Incredible Things to Do in Seville
10 Best Boutique Hotels in Seville

How to Get to Seville:
The easiest way from northern Spain would be an airplane. If coming from Madrid, there is a high-speed train that takes around 2 hr 30 min.

Recommended Hotel:
Hotel Casa 1800 Seville

Search more Seville hotels here:


The Ultimate 7 Day Andalucía Itinerary Without a Car

The Ultimate 7 Day Andalucía Itinerary Without a Car

Córdoba: 1 Night

Many come to Córdoba for the Mezquita alone — a church and mosque that represents deeply the region’s history. It’s an incredible work of art, and worth the trip alone. The city is vibrant, boasting famous patios that are kept pristine. 

Situated along the river, one night here will get you to the majority of the sights and give you a taste of Córdoba. 

Helpful guides:
Highlights of Córdoba — Things to Do and More.

How to get from Seville to Córdoba:
The fastest way is by train and there is a direct option that arrives in around 45 minutes. 

Recommended Hotel:
Hotel Hospes Palacio del Baílio

Search more Córdoba hotels here:


The Ultimate 7 Day Andalucía Itinerary Without a Car

The Ultimate 7 Day Andalucía Itinerary Without a Car

Granada: 2 Nights

Granada was my favorite city of them all. Nestled up against the Sierra Nevadas, this is a city I could live. Both modern restaurants and old-world bodegas, it feels like the best of both worlds. Something new, something old. Of course, the Alhambra is reason enough to visit the city but where I found myself falling in love, was in the small streets along the hillside.

It felt peaceful yet right in the heart of the city it was bustling. There so much to do here and I honestly felt like two nights was not enough. If you do have an extra night, I’d spend it here. 

Helpful guides:
The First-Timer’s Guide to Granada

How to get from Córdoba to Granada:
The best route is by bus. It’s the cheapest and takes around the same amount of time as the train. I’d recommend booking a seat in advance on Alsa. 

Recommended Hotel:
Hotel Casa 1800 Granada

The Ultimate 7 Day Andalucía Itinerary Without a Car

The Ultimate 7 Day Andalucía Itinerary Without a Car

Málaga: 1 Night

I’ll be honest that Málaga was not my favorite city and I think in large it had to do with the time of year. I spent two nights here and found it was way too much time to just spend in the city. The city is small as far as things to do. The cathedral is beautiful and the town has quite a few restaurants. The draw to this area though is the plentiful beaches and incredible golf courses which is seasonal. 

So if you’re coming when it is too cold to be at the beach or play golf, one night here or one full day is plenty of time. If you’re here in the summer and you plan to make use of the good weather (hiking, sailing, golfing), I could see how a few days here would be nice. 

Helpful guides:
24 Hour Guide to Málaga

How to get from Granada to Málaga:
I compared both bus and train options, and the most direct route is by bus. If you take the train, the options are limited and it requires one change. On the contrary, the bus goes every 30 minutes or so and is direct to the city. 

Leaving Málaga:
The international airport in Málaga is only 20 minutes from the city center. This is a great spot to catch a connecting flight to another major airport in Europe.

Recommended Hotel:
Molina Lario

Search more Málaga hotels here:


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The Ultimate 7 Day Andalucía Itinerary Without a Car

The Ultimate 7 Day Andalucía Itinerary Without a Car

The Ultimate 7 Day Andalucía Itinerary Without a Car

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